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Atlas of Amazing Birds
"Appreciative and informative. Enchanting, indeed. An invitation to a world of ornithological wonders."--Kirkus Reviews

"... a very readable and beautiful book. A charming compendium on the world's birds." --School Library Journal

An illustrated look at the fun and interesting facts and habits of some of the most beautiful, unique, and enchanting birds around the world.

Did you know the bald eagle holds the record for the world's biggest nest, which weighs more than two tons? Or that when the elf owl gets into any kind of trouble, it plays dead instead of fighting? Or that the Adélie penguin can hold its breath for six minutes and leap up to ten feet in the air?

From colossal condors to polychromatic peacocks, The Atlas of Amazing Birds celebrates winged creatures around the world through joyful watercolor illustrations and well-researched, humorously told tales of their habits and habitats. Some birds migrate thousands of miles, others display showy mating rituals. Some survive in extreme environments, others are fast, brave, or big.

Organized by continent, the book features full-color illustrations of each bird, complete with a full description that includes their dimensions and locations by country, along with maps of migratory patterns across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia, North America, South America, and Antarctica, where our feathered friends live in all sorts of interesting places--in gardens, amidst waterways, and along byways.