The Bossy Gallito - Softcover

The Bossy Gallito - Softcover
The Bossy Gallito - Softcover
Gonzalez, Lucia M

In English & Spanish.

This hearty Cuban folktale brings a multicultural touch to storytelling. Set in Miami's Little Havana, this book tells the tale of a bossy rooster on his way to his uncle's wedding. Using both Spanish and English text, this book is ideal for bilingual classrooms and offers a simple introduction to the joy of learning another language.

Included is a glossary, and author and illustrator notes regarding the background of the story which can prompt discussions about different countries and their traditions of storytelling, and can lead to a larger discussion about how the world's diverse cultural heritage (food, language, dress) makes living in it more interesting. The big, bold color illustrations add even more humor to this endearing tale.

Érase una vez un gallito mandón que iba muy limpiecito a la boda de su tío Perico... Hasta que se ensució y quiso que todos lo ayudarán a volver a estar limpiecito. Un libro muy divertido en inglés y español que deleitará tanto a grandes como a chicos.