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Very Hungry Caterpillar Stencil Set

This set of ten Eric Carle stencils features the caterpillar, butterfly, foods and more! Stencil backgrounds are inspired by Eric Carle's colorful and unique painted tissue papers. Store your stencils neatly in the cute reusable tin.

Colorful stencils use backgrounds inspired by Eric Carle's perennially popular picture book and the stencils show the caterpillar, butterfly, sun, moon and stars, and of course, the many things the caterpillar consumed!
Item No. 9780735337046
Eric Carle Wild Animal Sculpture Kit

USA Exclusive!This Eric Carle Wild Animal Sculpture Kit is imported exlusively to The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art from the United Kingdom.

Make your very own Eric Carle brown bear, lion, panda bear and fox. To make your animal sculptures simply pop out the animal shapes and slot together the pieces. Step-by-step instructins for all four animals included. Each animal is made from sturdy, full-color heavy cardboard. For ages 3 and up.

Item No. VHC006
Very Hungry Caterpillar Shadow Puppet Set
  • 8 laser cut puppets on wooden sticks
  • Includes insert with storytelling tips and a brief history of shadow puppets
  • Storybook packaging with elastic button closure
Shine a light on bedtime with storytelling fun! Bring Eric Carle's timeless story of metamorphosis to life with The Very Hungry Caterpillar Shadow Puppets. With just a flashlight and some imagination, parents and children can re-create the story of the caterpillar's change into a beautiful butterfly. The storybook-style box contains 8 laser-cut puppets, as well as a handy storytelling guide. Your family will love retelling this children's classic together, using the ancient art of shadow puppets.
-8 laser cut puppets on wooden sticks
-Includes insert with storytelling tips and a brief history of shadow puppets
-Storybook packaging with elastic button closure
-Ages 3+
-Package closed: 7 1/2 x 9 1/4 3/4 in. (19 x 23 1/2 x 2 cm)
Item No. 9780735339163
Caterpillar Crayons

Set of 4 Eric Carle Very Hungry Caterpillar-themed crayons in an adorable mini box. Safe and non-toxic. Makes great party favors or classroom gifts!

Item No. 13733710
Alphabet Painting Sponges

There’s so much you can do with ABC Painting Sponges. Dip in paint and use to decorate a child’s name on a wall, make paintings on paper, help teach the alphabet, add to plain wrapping paper, make greeting cards and more. Thick, sponge letters are easy to use. Rinse with water and dry.

Item No. 12646
Art Creativity Can

Young aspiring artists can use the Art Creativity Can to explore and create their own showpieces with a wide array of media including stamps, collage, and more! Kit includes open-ended art supplies deliberately chosen to urge imaginative creation centered around an artistic stamping theme. Creativity Cans help to develop imagination, problem solving, and critical thinking skills that kids need to become lifelong learners. Ages 4+

Item No. 3903000
Author-Illustrator Starter Kit (5 Tiny Books)
A new release in our popular Author-Illustrator Starter Kit series! Five premium-quality hardcover, unlined blank books in a hard slipcase. Each book is 32 pages, 4.5 square, and ready to be turned into a picture book. Just add crayons, markers, and ideas. The blank slipcase is shrinkwrapped with a removable title card that offers a handful of inventive prompts to inspire young writers and artists.
Item No. 9781938073694
Author-Illustrator Starter Kit (One Big Book)
A new release in our popular Author-Illustrator Starter Kit series! One giant, premium-quality hardcover unlined blank book — 32 pages, 13" square — ready to be turned into a picture book. Just add crayons, markers, and ideas. The blank book is shrinkwrapped with a removable title card that offers a handful of inventive prompts to inspire young writers and artists.
Item No. 9781938073700
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Three brushes. Nice size.
Item No. 731346022035
Big Ones Watercolor Set

Big watercolors sized perfectly for young toddlers just learning to paint. Great intensity colors that are formulated to remove easily from fabric and surfaces. Colors include red, yellow, blue, and green. Brush included.

Item No. 12711
Bird and Tree Sketchbook

Blank spiral-bound 8.5" x 11" sketchbook featuring cover illustration by Nathalie Leté. 60 pages. Ages 3+

Item No. SKBT
Body Doodlers

Use your body and face to create amazing art. Body Doodlers come in six colors (Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White and Black) that come out bright and vibrant on your skin. These long lasting crayons are made of hardened gel so they never dry out and easily wash off skin and clothes with no scrubbing. Each pen is easy to hold with a large comfort grip. Nontoxic.

  • 6 Colors
  • Writes on Skin
  • Long Lasting
  • Easy Wash
  • Comfort Grip
  • Nontoxic
Item No. 133-32
Bright Tempera Paints

This Bright Tempera Paint set includes (4) washable tempera paints in bright primary colors of red, yellow, green and blue. Each tube contains 2.5-ounces of paint.

Item No. 332BR
Brilliant Bee Beeswax Crayons

Bright, vivid and triangular shaped crayons; Natural Beeswax Crayons have it all. Comes straight from nature and formed as easy-to-use and perfectly functional crayons. The colors lay smoothly on paper; black paper too, and are both thick and triangular shaped for a great ergonomic fit. Roll away crayons are a thing of the past. Each set comes with 24 crayons in a beautiful reusable case. Nontoxic.

  • 24 Colors
  • Made from Real Beeswax
  • Triangular Ergonomic Shape
  • Writes on Black Paper
  • Reusable Case
  • Nontoxic
Item No. 133-50
Brilliant Brush Markers

Color like a true artist. Brilliant Brush Markers are like a painting with a painter’s brush… but with markers! These markers come with a super fine and flexible felt tip for the finest lines and the broadest strokes. Take ultimate control of your marker artistry. Comes in 12 brilliant colors in a reusable case for on the go coloring. Washes out of clothes too.

  • Paintbrush Markers
  • Super Fine Tip
  • Set of 12
  • Reusable Case
  • Washable
Item No. 130-15
Brown Bear Crayons

Set of 4 Eric Carle Brown Bear-themed crayons in an adorable mini box. Safe and non-toxic. Makes great party favors or classroom gifts!

Item No. 13720771
Brown Bear Tracing Pad

Sale! Was $6.99, now $3.50!

50 sheets of 9" x 12" tracing paper.

Item No. 30674170433
Brush & Line Double-Ended Markers

Discover a whole new world of coloring wonderment with the brush and line marker set. Each brush and line marker has a brush tip on one side and a fine point on the other making this marker set a fantastic choice for the serious adult coloring artist. Color in the most detailed coloring illustrations with the 0.7mm fine tip. You’ll find the brush tip is a fantastic tool for creating spectacular coloring textures that will make your coloring projects stand out among the rest. Brush and line markers are also washable, a special bonus if you have any coloring accidents. There are 24 colored markers in a set all housed inside a reusable carrying case for easy travel coloring.

Item No. 130-040
Brush Works Set of 7 Brushes

Every creative artist needs to have brushes as part of their tool set for their artistic endeavors. The Brush Works makes a great all-in-one set with 7 paintbrushes of different sizes and styles including small flat, small angle, medium round, medium filbert and large flat; pretty much anything you need to tackle your next painting project. Features nylon brushes with gradiated colors for a really fun ombre effect. They're easy to clean too. Just rinse with water, blot dry and store them brush side up. Suitable for ages 3 and up.

Item No. 126-005
Butterflies & Flowers Pencil Tin

Was $16.95, now $8.98!

Set of 24 bold quality colored pencils in decorative tin. Ages 5 and up.

Item No. 76003
Butterfly Fluorescent Colored Pencils

Set of 12 beautiful fluorescent pencils to add bright colors to your art work!

Item No. PNBUT
Chalk Pastels

For the artist that loves to draw, sketch and color with chalk.  Add these chalk pastels to your art supplies.

  • 12 brightly colored chalk sticks, approximately 2.25″ long.
  • Square shaped design makes it easy to hold
  • Plastic sleeve keeps chalk neat and organized
  • Suitable for all ages
Item No. 313-48
Chunky Rainbow Crayon

Single chunky rainbow crayon draws a rainbow of colors! One stroke draws multicolored lines. A brilliant blend of crayon particles mixed to produce multicolored lines and designs. Crayons measure 2-1/2" x 1" x 3/8

Item No. 6100338
$1.50 - $18.00
Color Appeel Peelable Crayon Sticks
  • Crayon sticks with fun peel-to-reveal action
  • No sharpener needed
  • Pull string and peel to expose crayon
  • Set of 12 non toxic crayon sticks
  • Bright rainbow colors
Item No. 133-55
Color Core Colored Pencils

Draw, color and create in beautiful, long lasting bold colors with Color Core Colored Pencils. Color Core Pencils are amazing colored pencils that have absolutely no wood; that’s because they are made entirely out of colored pencil lead. And the bonus is that with less wood means more colored lead; 4 to 5 times more lead than the average colored pencil! You won’t be needing pencils anytime soon since these pencils last a very long time. Color Cores come in a set of 12 colors with pre-sharpened leads that are super sturdy; you can even feel that it’s made from solid color lead because they’re heavier than the average colored pencil. Your Color Cores come in a reusable tin case too.

  • Solid Barrel Colored Pencils
  • Wood Free
  • Set of 12 Colors
  • Long Lasting
  • Reusable Tin Case
Item No. 128-101