Melanie Hope Greenberg

A City Is - Autographed Hardcover
Norman Rosten, Melanie Hope Greenberg

Autographed by illustrator Melanie Hope Greenberg.

An evocative collection of poems about New York City is brought to life in detailed, vibrant illustrations.

Item No. 11724
Good Morning, Digger - Autographed Hardcover
Anne Rockwell, Melanie Hope Greenberg

Autographed by illustrator Melanie Hope Greenberg

What could be more exciting to a young child than the rumbling and rolling of enormous construction trucks? When they stop...right on your street! A boy watches in fascination as construction workers and their tremendous trucks transform a vacant lot into a wonderful new community center.

With lively language and detailed illustrations, Good Morning, Digger shows the different stages of a building's construction, from deep hole to its tallest girders -- and most importantly, all the trucks that help along the way!

Item No. 11725
Mermaids On Parade - Autographed Hardcover
Melanie Hope Greenberg

Autographed by author/illustrator Melanie Hope Greenberg

Dressing up as a mermaid is even more fun when you get to be part of the Mermaid Parade!

Every year at the beginning of summer, mermaids and Neptunes and creatures of the sea flock to Coney Island to dance and twirl and march in the annual Mermaid Parade! A highlight of the year, one little mermaid can’t wait to put her costume on and join her parents as they take in the sights, sounds and smells of the fun-filled pageant. This year she is “Little Mermaid Coming Out of Her Shell.”

An annual artists’ parade in New York City, the real Mermaid Parade provides the backdrop for an exciting time that every little diva is sure to enjoy!

Item No. 9780399247088