Patricia MacLachlan

Fiona Loves The Night - Autographed Hardcover
Charest, Emily MacLachlan

Autographed by Patricia MacLachlan

It is silent.

It is safe.

It is surprising.

Fiona loves the night.

Item No. 9780060570316
Grandfather's Dance - Autographed Hardcover

Autographed by Patricia MacLachlan

Could anything be more perfect than a prairie wedding? Cassie Witting doesn't think so, for her sister Anna's wedding brings two lovebirds together, aunts from faraway Maine, a long white dress with a wedding veil, dancing under a clear blue sky, and a world that smells of roses.

As the Witting family comes together for this most special day, Cassie sees that life brings the change of seasons, brother Jack on Grandfather's lap, joy, sorrow, and a special dance only Grandfather does.

Item No. AUTOPM5