To Be Autographed

The Reader - To Be Autographed 11/16
Luciana de Luca and Cynthia Alonso

An enchanting picture book about the magic of books and reading. It's naptime, but this young bookworm isn't going to sleep. It's time to read. The Reader is a whimsically illustrated love letter to the powerful combination of books, reading, and the imagination. It is the story of a girl, her family library, and those happy stolen moments during the siesta when she can read quietly while everyone else is resting.

Item No. 9781623719388
Aquarium - To Be Autographed 11/16
Alonso, Cynthia

A girl ventures to the water's edge, dreaming of a new friend. And, just like that, a beguiling red fish leaps into her life. But is friendship a sea these two can navigate together? From debut Argentinian author-illustrator Cynthia Alonso comes a wordless picture book about the timeless beauty of nature, the transcendent power of connection, and the importance of letting go.

Item No. 9781452168753
Under the Canopy: Trees Around the World - To Be Autographed 11/16
Iris Volant and Cynthia Alonso

A gorgeous picture book that explores the cultural myths and stories behind trees all over the world, revealing the beauty behind these giants living among us.

This stunningly illustrated book explores the cultural significance that trees have in different societies. From the olive trees of Athens to the Eucalyptus trees of Australia, discover the place of trees in history and mythology across the world. Every climate, every nation has its tales of trees, true or legendary, that help us understand ourselves and the beauty of the natural world around us.

Item No. 9781911171423