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Norris, Leslie

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What Albert wants is to replace the precious gold medallion on a delicate gold chain that his mother lost years ago. Where will he find the money? Thanks to his talking dog, Lucille (whom only he can hear), he gets an idea -- to play his flute on the street. A policeman quickly intervenes, but he does give Albert some money, enabling him to buy a tawdry version of the chain with the medallion. Then disaster strikes: Albert loses the gift. But he doesn't give up, and the real adventure begins when Albert and Lucille set forth in the middle of the night before Christmas, looking for the present Albert wants so much for his mother...and encounter angels. Beautifully written, Leslie Norris's story delivers just the right Christmas message -- that persistence exercised on someone else's behalf will be rewarded -- and charms with the notion that there are angels among us. Mordicai Gerstein uses strong line and rich color to bring the story vividly to life.
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An Otis Christmas

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It's Christmas eve on the farm where Otis and all of his friends live. The farmer has given Otis his first real Christmas present--a shiny new horn! A tree has been decorated, a big snowstorm is on its way, and all of the animals are excited. Best of all, one of the horses on the farm is about to give birth to a foal! Yet in the middle of the night the horse begins neighing in pain and when the farmer says, "We'd better get Doc Baker out here or we'll lose 'em both," Otis knows the horse is in trouble. Snow has been falling hard for hours and the roads are unpassable. How will they got Doc? Otis to the rescue! He knows a shortcut through the woods and he arrives at the doc's house flashing his headlights and revving his engine. When Doc fails to awake, Otis uses his new horn. Then, with Doc in tow, he races back to the farm just in time for a Christmas miracle . . . and the arrival of a new friend to play with.

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Click, Clack, Ho! Ho! Ho!

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Santa comes to the barnyard in this holiday addition to the award-winning Click, Clack series from the New York Times bestselling and Caldecott winning team who brought you Click, Clack, Moo and Click, Clack, Peep!

It’s the night before Christmas and all through the farm, not a creature is stirring, not even

Farmer Brown is busy decorating his home in preparation for Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve! All seems calm in the barnyard, but Farmer Brown isn’t the only one who is getting ready...


Once again, Duck has gotten the whole barnyard STUCK in quite a predicament! Will anyone be able to un-stuck Duck and save Christmas?

Item No. 73227
My First Christmas

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In My First Christmas, warm illustrations and easy-to-follow text celebrate the joys and traditions of this special holiday. From decorating the tree to putting cookies out for Santa, the Christmas spirit is beautifully captured by Tomie dePaola.

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Strega Nona's Gift

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In Strega Nona's village, the holiday season is a time of celebrations - and nothing says celebration like a feast! All the kitchens are bustling from the Feast of San Nicola, when the children choose the food, to the Feast of Epiphany, when someone gets to be king or queen for the day. Even the animals share in the holiday spirit, and when Big Anthony smells the delicious treats Strega Nona is cooking for them, he decides that just a taste couldn't hurt, right? Wrong! Big Anthony gets his just desserts, while Strega Nona surprises everyone with a special gift.

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Trees of the Dancing Goats

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Trisha loves the eight days of Hanukkah, when her mother stays home from work, her Babushka makes delicious potato latkes, and her Grampa carves wonderful animals out of wood as gifts for Trisha and her brother. In the middle of her family's preparation for the festival of lights, Trisha visits her closest neighbors, expecting to find them decorating their house for Christmas. Instead they are all bedridden with scarlet fever. Trisha's family is one of the few who has been spared from the epidemic. It is difficult for them to enjoy their Hanukkah feast when they know that their neighbors won't be able to celebrate their holiday. Then Grampa has an inspiration: they will cut down trees, decorate them, and secretly deliver them to the neighbors, "But what can we decorate them with?" Babushka asks. Although it is a sacrifice, Trisha realizes that Grampa's carved animals are the perfect answer. Soon her living room is filled with trees -- but that is only the first miracle of many during an incredible holiday season.
Based on a long cherished childhood memory, this story celebrates the miracle of true friendship.

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