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A Crow of His Own
Lambert, Megan Dowd

Clyde is the new rooster at Sunrise Farm. But he s having trouble fitting in and replacing Larry the beloved rooster whose wake-up calls were legendary. The cow, the gaggle of hens, and the sheep reminisce about Larry while poor Clyde fails to croon the farmyard awake with the same finesse. Clyde attempts to win over the farm by wearing an elaborate costume and putting on a show like Larry was known to do, but in the end, Clyde realizes that imitating Larry is not the way to succeed.
SELECTION 2016 - Cooperative Children's Book Center Choices
SELECTION 2016 - Bank Street College Best Children's Book of the Year
HONOR 2016 - Ezra Jack Keats Book Award"

Item No. 9781580894470
A Day At The Market
Sara Anderson

Celebrate one glorious day of fresh flowers, fish, and produce at Seattle's Pike Place Market--a 100-year-old working farmer's market that steals the hearts of locals and visitors alike. With her signature cut-paper style and playful rhymes in a sturdy, oversized board book with peek-a-boo die-cuts, Sara Anderson captures the essence of the Market she treasures--not only its friendly cacophony, but also the richness of its colorful community, the secrets of its many nooks and crannies, and its irresistible summer bounty. (All ages)
Shovel in ice,
cold and nice.

Item No. 9780970278456
A Day with Bonefish Joe
Howard, Diana Wege and Elizabeth

An enchanting story about an adventurous girl and her day at sea with Bonefish Joe, one of the best-known bonefish guides in the Bahamas. Young and fearless Flossie lives on Harbour Island, a small outpost in the Bahamas known for its exquisite three-mile pink sand beach and for bonefishing, a compelling catch-and-release enterprise that pits a determined angler against an inedible, surprisingly powerful, and elusive quarry. Flossie's persistent dream is to go fishing with the legendary guide Bonefish Joe, a beloved island institution who picks up his wealthy clients at the dock and returns with them hours later still fishless but satisfied. One Sunday, after church, surprisingly Flossie's wish is granted and she and her friend discover the allure, the challenge, and the delights of hooking (and releasing) one of angling's greatest prizes. Diana Wege's lush and vibrant illustrations of the island, its inhabitants, its customs, and its architecture, bring this story alive, perfectly catching the character, culture, and charm of Harbour Island.

Item No. 9781567925340
A Fairy Went A-Marketing
Fyleman, Rose
A kindly fairy uses her purchases only for a short time, then releases them for their own good or the good of others.
Item No. 9780140547511
A Family of Poems
Muth, Jon J
Caroline Kennedy has chosen a rich variety of Kennedy family favorite poems to include in this priceless collection. With thoughtful personal introductions written by Caroline herself, and beautiful new original artwork by award-winning artist, Jon J Muth, this collection is sure to become a family favorite for years to come.
Item No. 9780786851119
A Family of Readers - Softcover
Two of the most trusted reviewers in the field join with top authors, illustrators, and critics in a definitive guide to choosing books for children and nurturing their love of reading.
A FAMILY OF READERS is the definitive resource for parents interested in enriching the reading lives of their children. It s divided into four sections:
1. Reading to Them:
Choosing and sharing board books and picture books with babies and very young children.
2. Reading with Them:
Launching the new reader with easy readers and chapter books.
3. Reading on Their Own:
Exploring what children read and how they read by genre and gender.
4. Leaving Them Alone:
Respecting the reading privacy of the young adult.
Roger Sutton knows how and why children read. He must, as the editor in chief of THE HORN BOOK, which since 1924 has been America s best source for reviews of books for young readers. But for many parents, selecting books for their children can make them feel lost. Now, in this essential resource, Roger Sutton and Martha V. Parravano, executive editor at the magazine, offer thoughtful essays that consider how books are read to (and then by) young people. They invite such leading authors and artists as Maurice Sendak, Katherine Paterson, Margaret Mahy, and Jon Scieszka, as well as a selection of top critics, to add their voices about the genres they know best. The result is an indispensable readers companion to everything from wordless board books to the most complex and daring young adult novels."
Item No. 9780763657550
A Farmer's Alphabet (Papaerback)
Azarian, Mary
An alphabet book of woodcuts featuring activities and objects associated with New England farm life, from Apple, Barn, Cow through aX, Yawn, Zinnia.
Item No. 9780879233976
A Fine Dessert
Jenkins, Emily
ANew York TimesBest Illustrated Book
From highly acclaimed author Jenkins and Caldecott Medal winning illustrator Blackall comes a fascinating picture book in which four families, in four different cities, over four centuries, make the same delicious dessert: blackberry fool. This richly detailed book ingeniously shows how food, technology, and even families have changed throughout American history.
In 1710, a girl and her mother in Lyme, England, prepare a blackberry fool, picking wild blackberries and beating cream from their cow with a bundle of twigs. The same dessert is prepared by an enslaved girl and her mother in 1810 in Charleston, South Carolina; by a mother and daughter in 1910 in Boston; and finally by a boy and his father in present-day San Diego.
Kids and parents alike will delight in discovering the differences in daily life over the course of four centuries.
Includes a recipe for blackberry fool and notes from the author and illustrator about their research."
Item No. 9780375868320
A Friend is Someone Who Likes You
Anglund, Joan Walsh
Since its original publication, this much-loved book has sold over three million copies worldwide. With appealing simplicity, both words and pictures remind us that when we reach out toward the gifts the world offers, we will somewhere find a hand already waiting to clasp our own. This beloved classic for all ages has been translated into numerous foreign editions, and its captivating message of love has been shared and cherished by countless friends the world over. We are proud to celebrate its silver anniversary with this special edition.
Item No. 9780152296780
A Garden of Ordinary Miracles
Zakanitch, Robert R
A beautifully designed plant-inspired gift book. From Azalea to Zinnia, every letter of the alphabet is gloriously illustrated by the flora and fauna found in everyday gardens.
Item No. 9780789324399
A Gift for Mama
Lodding, Linda Ravin
Oskar sets out--with a single coin--to find the perfect gift for his mother. And he spots it at once: a beautiful yellow rose. But when he meets an artist, Oskar trades the rose for a paintbrush. And when he meets a conductor, he trades the paintbrush for a sheet of music. . . .
The bustling streets are full of interesting people and delightful possible presents, and Oskar trades one gift for another, and another, and another! But what he finds by the end of the day is even more precious.
Simple kindness is at the heart of this enchanting, gloriously-illustrated tale.
Item No. 9780385753319
A Gift of Gracias - Spanish Softcover
Alvarez, Julia
After their olive crop fails, Maria fears that her family will have to abandon their farm on the new island colony. Then, one night she dreams of a mysterious and beautiful lady shrouded by trees with branches hung with hundreds of little suns. They are oranges like the ones Maria's parents once ate in their homeland, Valencia, Spain. That very day, Maria and her family plant the seeds that soon yield a magnificent orange grove and save the farm. But who was the mysterious lady who appeared in her dream and will Maria ever find her again to say gracias?
Item No. 9780553113433
A Greyhound, A Groundhog
Jenkins, Emily

From a heavyweight author-and-illustrator duo comes a delicious tongue twister of a picture book that features a little round greyhound and a little round groundhog. With very spare, incredibly lively language, this is an entertaining read-aloud, with two amazing and oh-so-adorable characters at its heart.
When a greyhound meets a groundhog, wordplay and crazy antics ensue. The two animals, much like kids, work themselves into a frenzy as they whirl around and around one another. (Around, round hound. Around, groundhog!) The pace picks up (Around and around and astound and astound!), until they ultimately wear themselves out.
Jenkins s masterful text is deceptively simple. NPR on Toys Meet Snow by Emily Jenkins
Appelhans, whose career up to now has been in animated films such as Coraline, is a revelation. Booklist, Starred, on Sparky!, illustrated by Chris Appelhans
Appelhans makes an auspicious picture book debut with strikingly beautiful watercolor and pencil illustrations. His style, reminiscent of Jon Klassen s, incorporates a muted color palette, but with a slightly softer, rounder quality, while also weaving in visual deadpan humor. The Horn Book"

Item No. 9780553498059
A Guide for Grown-Ups
Saint-Exupery, Antoine De
One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.
For more than sixty years, this insight from The Little Prince has been quoted in more than 130 languages by fans around the world. Now, for the first time, quotations from the collected works and letters of Antoine de Saint-Exupery are presented in a charming gift edition. Six chapters-- Happiness, Friendship, Responsibility, Fortitude, Love, and What Is Essential --offer inspirational and thought-provoking words about the subjects held most dear by the author. A perfect gift for graduates or for anyone who wants gentle guidance.
Item No. 9780544671942
A Handful of Beans
Steig, Jeanne
With its modest yet mischievous title an entirely fitting harbinger of the tone and tales to come, A Handful of Beans is an ample demonstration that, yes, we can use another "Jack and the Beanstalk" (and another "Rumpelstiltskin, " "Beauty and the Beast, " "Hansel and Gretel, " "Little Red Riding Hood, " and "The Frog Prince"). While fairy-tale parodies and updates are perhaps too much with us these days, Jeanne Steig goes the trend one better in her homely retellings, adding the gentlest touches of wit without ever betraying the story: after the king sees what Rumpelstiltskin has spun the first night, for example, he says to the miller's daughter, "My, my...what a lovely surprise. We must do this again." Steig also provides illuminating detail. When Hansel and Gretel go to sleep in the witch's house, it is under "sheets as soft as a spider's web, " and Red Riding Hood's wolf is a suave seducer: "But see here, my girl. Violets are blooming, finches are singing, the sun is tickling the little green leaves, and here you are, tramping along as if you were late for school. Why don't you look around you a bit, and enjoy the world?" As you can easily see, these tales would be great fun for reading aloud, and occasionally bits of verse, beautifully scanned, provide an incantatory charm of their own: "Pardon me, Mistress, the door is so small, / I could never squeeze into the oven at all." William Steig's line-and-watercolor illustrations, four or five per story, are humble and funny, and the book's compact size is just right for a little one-on-one session in cultural literacy.
Item No. 9781481439619
A House for Hermit Crab - Ready to Read Hardcover Edition
Eric Carle

Hermit Crab seeks the perfect home—and learns to appreciate change—in this Ready-to-Read edition of Eric Carle’s beloved story.

In this classic story from Eric Carle, Hermit Crab grows out of one house after another as he searches for the perfect home. Children who must change schools, move to a new town, or even graduate to a new grade in school will relate to Hermit Crab’s situation and take heart as they see that growing up isn’t really so scary after all.

Filled with whimsy and wisdom—and based on the true behaviors of the hermit crab—this modern classic features Eric Carle’s trademark vibrant collage illustrations and lively text that has been adapted into a Level 2 Ready-to-Read edition, making it ideal for newly independent readers.

Item No. 9781481409162
A House in the Woods
Moore, Inga
It's nice to have your friends move in, but. . . . A sweet, wry tale of cooperation and camaraderie, told with pastoral artwork by Inga Moore.
One little pig has made a little den for herself in the woods, and another little pig has a small hut next door. One morning they return from a walk to find that their big friend Bear has moved into the den and an even larger Moose into the hut. CRASH! With both homes collapsed, they're all in a pickle--but what if they find a way to build a house in the woods that all four of them can share? With lush, whimsically detailed illustrations and a cast of endearing, industrious (and most accommodating!) characters, Inga Moore constructs an inviting story of friendship that kids will be happy to visit awhile.
Item No. 9780763652777
A is for Activist (Board Book)
Nagara, Innosanto

Reading it is almost like reading Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States, but for two-year olds full of pictures and rhymes and a little cat to find on every page that will delight the curious toddler and parents alike. Occupy Wall Street

A is for Activistis an ABC board book written and illustrated for the next generation of progressives: families who want their kids to grow up in a space that is unapologetic about activism, environmental justice, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, and everything else that activists believe in and fight for.
The alliteration, rhyming, and vibrant illustrations make the book exciting for children, while the issues it brings up resonate with their parents' values of community, equality, and justice. This engaging little book carries huge messages as it inspires hope for the future, and calls children to action while teaching them a love for books."

Item No. 9781609805395
A is for Activist (Hardcover)
Nagara, Innosanto

Reading it is almost like reading Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States, but for two-year olds full of pictures and rhymes and a little cat to find on every page that will delight the curious toddler and parents alike. "Occupy Wall Street"

"A is for Activist"is an ABC board book written and illustrated for the next generation of progressives: families who want their kids to grow up in a space that is unapologetic about activism, environmental justice, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, and everything else that activists believe in and fight for.
The alliteration, rhyming, and vibrant illustrations make the book exciting for children, while the issues it brings up resonate with their parents' values of community, equality, and justice. This engaging little book carries huge messages as it inspires hope for the future, and calls children to action while teaching them a love for books."

Item No. 9781609806934
A Kiss for Little Bear - Softcover
Minarik, Else Holmelund
In 1957, Harper published its first I Can Read title, Little Bear, written by Else Holmelund Minarik and illustrated by Maurice Sendak. Large type, simple vocabulary, chapter-like divisions, and decorative pictures made Little Bear perfect for emerging readers
Item No. 9780064440509
A Letter to Amy - Softcover
Keats, Ezra Jack

Peter's having a birthday party and he's inviting all of his friends. But only one friend - a girl - is getting a letter in the mail. "This way it's sort of special." A windy rainstorm changes Peter's plans, and now he doesn't know if Amy will ever come to the party!

Generations of children have read, re-read, and loved Ezra Jack Keats's award-winning, classic stories about Peter and his neighborhood friends. Now, for the first time, "Peter's Chair", "A Letter to Amy", and "Goggles!" are available in paperback exclusively from Puffin. "A master of ingenious collages, [Keats] has made brilliant variegated pictures
Item No. 9780140564426
A Light in the Attic
Silverstein, Shel
Here in the attic of Shel Silverstein you will find Backward Bill, Sour Face Ann, the Meehoo with an Exactlywatt, and the Polar Bear in the Frigidaire. You will talk with the Broiled Face, and find out what happens when Somebody steals your knees, you get caught by the Quick-Digesting Gink, a Mountain snores, and They Put a Brassiere on a Camel.
Item No. 9780060256739
A Madeline Treasury
Bemelmans, Ludwig
Celebrate 75 Years of Madeline!
Here, collected in one handsome volume, are all the adventures of Madeline, a fearless little girl full of mischief and vitality who is one of the world s most popular and beloved fictional characters. "Madeline," which was first published in 1939, and its five sequels have charmed generations of readers, and become true classics. In each of these books, Bemelmans humorous verse, his immortal characters Miss Clavel, Pepito, the magician, the others and his wonderful, whimsical drawings of Paris combine to create a memorable reading experience for people of all ages.
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Anna Quindlen has written an introduction to the collection, which also includes The Isle of God, an essay by Bemelmans on how he invented Madeline, and never-before-published working sketches of Madeline, as well as photos of the Bemelmans family."
Item No. 9780451470515
A Mountain of Blintzes - Autographed
Barbara Diamond Goldin

Autographed by author Barbara Diamond Goldin

A family living in the Catskill Mountains in the 1920s works together to gather the necessary ingredients to make blintzes for Shavuot.

A Nest Full of Stars
Berry, James

"Take me somewhere -- to wide-open countryside.
Let me redden and blacken my tongue with berries and cherries.
Let me skip with a flip in a trip. Take me somewhere."

In "A Nest Full of Stars," James Berry will take you on a memorable trip through all the startling, humorous, sad, happy, painful, and joyful experiences of growing up. Here are birthdays and fireworks, quarrels and making up, and every sort of mood you can imagine. Here are the hills and valleys of friendships and family life. Here is a boy on a train, trying to make all the adults look at their watches. Here is a girl discovering the miracle of her hen's hidden nest of eggs and seeing it change into "a mighty nest full of stars." Most of all, here are poems that shake our senses and awaken us to the magic and mysteries all around.

Item No. 9780060527471