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Adele & Simon in America- To Be Autographed

 Staff Pick

Adèle and her younger brother, Simon, have just arrived in New York City to visit their Aunt Cécile and prepare for a grand train trip around America. "Please try not to lose anything on our trip," Adèle tells her brother with a sigh. But how can Simon remember to keep an eye on his belongings when there are so many wonderful distractions and astounding sights to take in? The endearing team from

Adèle & Simon
returns in a crosscontinental adventure that reflects the vitality of early twentieth-century America, from the Boston Public Garden to San Francisco's Chinatown. Stunning pen-and-ink-andwatercolor illustrations are filled with innumerable hidden treasures, and endpapers featuring a period map of America extend the fun.

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Animal Fables from Aesop-PB Autographed
Barbara McClintock

Share timeless wisdom with your children in these classic fables of Aesop, wonderfully illustrated with fabulous animal characters by Barbara McClintock.

Nine timeless fables, first told by the Greek Aesop, selected, adapted, and illustrated by Barbara McClintock. This read-aloud collection includes such familiar tales as “The Fox and the Grapes” and the lesser-known “The Wolf and the Lamb” and “The Crow and the Peacocks.”

Each fable is brought to life by McClintock’s uncanny ability to capture humanity, with all its strengths and weaknesses, in the expressions of her exquisitely drawn costumed creations--filled with the delicacy of line and color that has come to be her trademark.

The New York Times said, “The graceful full-color illustrations are both delicate and theatrical. . . . witty, full of charm and foible.” Entertainment Weekly said, “McClintock’s wittily stylish illustrations have the charm and detail of 19th-century children’s books. Her human-like animals are marvelously lively and expressive.”

This is a treasury with wise and funny stories you’ll love discussing, time and again, with children.

Cinderella- To Be Autographed

In her most charming book yet, three-time New York Times Best Illustrator Barbara McClintock has created the Cinderella that every little girl will want to savor -- over and over again.
Poor Cinderella, who is relegated to a dingy garret room by her duplicitous stepmother and beleaguered by her nasty stepsisters, never gives in to hostility or revenge. Instead, this sweet heroine remains steadfast in her kind, gentle ways, and her generosity flows like a mountain stream. This tale of virtue rewarded is as charming and rich as any prince. McClintock's warm, humorous, and lucious artwork that reflects the story's French roots, coupled with her disarming text will insure that this book will be loved and cherished -- happily ever after.

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Emma & Julia Love Ballet
McClintock, Barbara

Award-winning author/artist Barbara McClintock has created this enchanting picture book story that will charm every child with ballet dreams!Emma is little. Julia is big.They both love ballet.Emma takes ballet lessons. So does Julia.Emma is learning to be a ballerina. Julia is a professional ballerina. They are both excited about the big performance in the theater tonight.Emma will be watching from the audience. Julia will be dancing onstage!And afterward, Emma will go backstage to meet her ballet hero!Barbara McClintock's richly illustrated, heartwarming story is sure to become a perennial favorite.

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Jim Aylesworth & Barbara McClintock

Autographed by illustrator Barbara McClintock

"Once upon a time, there lived a little girl named Goldilocks, who was very, very good, except that sometimes she forgot to do things that her mother told her to do. Yes she did... "

But worse is when she forget's not to do what she is told not to do. For sometimes that can lead to much more serious what happened the day of this story. McClintock's art, that is reminscent of 19th Century children's book art, perfectly compliments Aylesworth's playful, original, and very involving rendition of the classic Three Bears story.

The Five Forms
McClintock, Barbara

Award-winning author-illustrator Barbara McClintock's meticulous research and vibrant watercolor illustrations breathe life into this frenzied, fictionalized exploration of China's ancient Five Forms.

When a young girl finds a mysterious, discarded book of martial arts poses, she ignores the warning printed in bold inside its cover: DO NOT ATTEMPT THESE FORMS WITHOUT AN EXPERIENCED TEACHER! She decides to attempt them herself . . . but is shocked to find that doing so conjures real animals right into her home! The chaos escalates as she releases a leopard, a snake, and a dragon, each creature larger and more destructive than the last. It is only once she manages the fifth and final form that things return to normal. But will she be able to clean up the mess she's created before her mother returns home?

A New York City Public Library Notable Best Book for Kids

Item No. 9781626722163
Barbara McClintock

From beloved author and artist Barbara McClintock comes Vroom!, a playful picture book following a little girl's imaginative journey in a race car.

Join a little girl as she zooms
past fields and forests,
up mountains,
over rivers,
through deserts,
home again,
and into bed in this playful picture book about the power of imagination, from award-winning author and artist Barbara McClintock.

Where's Mommy?
Beverly Donofrio & Barbara McClintock

Autographed by illustrator Barbara McClintock

In this companion to acclaimed Mary and the Mouse, the Mouse and Mary, Maria (Mary's daughter) and Mouse Mouse (Mouse's daughter) are looking for their mothers. They're not in their bedrooms, their car and cart are still in the driveway, and they are not in the gazebo or under the mushroom! Where could they be? Well, turns out Mary and the Mouse are great friends—just like Maria and Mouse Mouse—and soon the new generation is in on the old generation's secret, and vice versa. Sparingly told and beautifully illustrated, this book is every bit as charming as its predecessor. Kids will pore over the minute details of a mouse's parallel world.

Item No. 9780375844232