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E.B. Goodale

A Most Unusual Day - Autographed

Autographed by illustrator E.B. Goodale

Something rather extraordinary is happening in Caroline’s life today . . . her family is adopting a new baby sister! A warm and loving story about school, family, siblings, and adoption, for...

Also - Autographed
Goodale, E.B.

An ode to the way memories allow us to be in many places at once, Also is a powerful exploration of being present as well as looking back. Perfect for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or...

Item No. 84813934
Here and Now (Board Book) - Autographed
Julia Denos and E.B. Goodale

Autographed by E.B. Goodale

From the team behind Ezra Jack Keats Honor winner Windows...

Item No. 91134594
Here and Now - Autographed

Autographed by both author and illustrator!

A stunning celebration of mindfulness and a meditation on slowing down and enjoying each moment, from the team behind the award-winning Windows
Explore identity and connection, inspire curiosity,...

House of Grass and Sky - Autographed

Autographed by illustrator E.B. Goodale

Every house has a story. This house—an old one hunkered in the deep grass below a wide country sky—is a waiting house. Once it was full of laughter and song. The sounds of life rang within its walls. Now it stands quiet and still....

Item No. 49397913
The Moon Remembers - Autographed
Goodale, E.B.

Epic and intimate, The Moon Remembers is a classic in the making for fans of You Matter and ...

Item No. 41773357
Under the Lilacs - Autographed
Goodale, E.B.

In this lush and playful picture book from E. B. Goodale, illustrator of
Windows, Kate feels ignored by her mother and sister and so decides to run away. In a neighboring yard, she builds a fort and enjoys a sense of independence—until...

Item No. 99115950
Windows PB-Autographed

Autographed by illustrator E.B. Goodale

Walking his dog at dusk, one boy catches glimpses of the lives around him in this lovely ode to autumn evenings, exploring your neighborhood, and coming home.

Before your city goes to sleep, you might head out for a walk, your...

Item No. 30727990