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Jane Yolen

On Duck Pond - Autographed

Signed by author Jane Yolen

From award-winning and NY Times bestselling children's author of more than 350 books, Jane Yolen, and award-winning illustrator, Bob Marstall, On Duck Pond is the first sequel to the acclaimed On Bird Hill, which launched the...

Item No. AUTOJY52
On Gull Beach-Autographed
Yolen, Jane

Autographed by author Jane Yolen

Together again! On Gull Beach reunites bestselling children’s author Jane Yolen and award-winning illustrator Bob Marstall for the third installment of the acclaimed On Bird Hill and Beyond series of children’s books written for the...

Item No. AUTOJY73
Once There Was a Story - Autographed

“Writing in a warm, welcoming voice peppered with humor, Yolen retells more than thirty myths, fairy tales, and fables…Dyer’s dainty gouache-and-pencil spot illustrations bring additional liveliness to each tale in a collection that’s ideal for bedtime or story time.” —Publishers...

Item No. AUTOJY43
Owl Moon - Autographed
Jane Yolen

Autographed by Jane Yolen.

Late one winter night a little girl and her father go owling. The trees stand still as statues and the world is silent as a dream. Whoo-whoo-whoo, the father calls to the mysterious nighttime bird. But there is no answer.

Wordlessly the two companions walk...

Item No. AUTOJY1
Roanoke The Lost Colony: An Unsolved Mystery from History
Jane Yolen & Heidi E.Y. Stemple & Roger Roth

In 1587 John White was chosen by Sir Walter Raleigh to lead a new colony at Roanoke off the Atlantic coast. After bringing many men, women, and children to the new land, White went back to England to gather supplies for the long winter. But when he finally returned to the fort almost three years...

Item No. AUTOJY30
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Sing a Season Song
Yolen, Jane

Autographed by author Jane Yolen

The shivering cold of winter. The fresh, new signs of spring. The toe-wiggling freedom of summer. The leaf-dropping days of fall. Each season is celebrated for many different reasons, but one never fails to roll right into the next. Jane Yolen's lilting verses and Lisel Jane Ashlock's sensitive...
Item No. 9781568462554
Stone Angel - Autographed

In this emotionally rich story, a little girl and her family live happily in Paris until Nazi soldiers arrive druing World War II. She and her family must flee or risk being sent to a concentration camp, so they run into the woods, where they meet resistance fighters. But they're still not...

Item No. AUTOJY11
Switching on the Moon - Autographed
Jane Yolen & G. Brian Karas

Autographed by Jane Yolen

From the hoot of an owl to the horns of the city, from children giggling in the bath to the hushed notes of a lullaby, here is an exquisite anthology that captures the universal poetry of bedtime. Expertly gathered by Jane Yolen and Andrew Fusek...

Item No. AUTOJY9
Take Two: A Celebration of Twins - Autographed Hardover

Autographed by author Jane Yolen!

The Devil's Arithmetic (Paperback) - Autographed

"A triumphantly moving book."  —Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Hannah dreads going to her family's Passover Seder—she's tired of hearing her relatives talk about the past. But when she opens the...
Item No. AUTOJY56
The Leather Apron Club
Yolen, Jane

Autographed by author Jane Yolen and illustrator Wendell Minor

A powerful celebration of libraries from master storyteller Jane Yolen. Benjamin Franklin introduces his son Billy to the Leather Apron Club, where it's love at first page.

When Billy's father Benjamin Franklin announces that Billy and his lazy cousin James will soon have a...

Item No. 9781580897198
Lost Boy

Autographed by author Jane Yolen

People around the world know the story of Peter Pan, the boy who would not grow up, but not many know the story of his creator, J. M. Barrie. Barrie’s young childhood was marked by sorrow, but also held great adventure. His adult life and...

Item No. AUTOJY76
The Mary Celeste (Paperback) - Autographed
Stemple, Heidi E y
In this spooky book from the nonfiction An Unsolved Mystery from History picture book series, set off on the high seas to a ghost ship left completely abandoned and adrift on the waves.

The Mary Celeste was discovered adrift on the open sea by another ship in 1872--with no sign of...

Item No. 9780689851223
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What To Do With a Box (Hardcover) - Autographed

Autographed by Jane Yolen

If you give a child a box, who can tell what will happen next? It may become a library or a boat. It could set the scene for a fairy tale or a wild expedition. The most wonderful thing is its seemingly endless capacity for magical adventure, a...

Item No. AUTOJY23
What To Do With a String-Autographed
Yolen, Jane

Autographed by author Jane Yolen

Snag the spirit of adventure and lasso the limitless horizons of imagination to discover all the simple yet fantastical things one can make out of a string—from slingshots to sails, swings to phone lines—in this sequel to Jane Yolen's...

Item No. AUTOJY74
Where Have the Unicorns Gone? (Paperback) - Autographed

Autographed by Jane Yolen

Long ago unicorns lived in a haven of sun-dappled glades and flower-filled dells. But as civilization spread over the ages -- with its fierce knights, its chugging trains, its thick smogs -- unicorns had to find a new sanctuary. But where?

Item No. AUTOJY29
You Nest Here with Me - Autographed

With rhyming text, this soothing bedtime book is an ode to baby birds everywhere and sleepy children home safe in their own beds. As a mother describes to her child how many species of birds nest, from pigeons on concrete ledges to owls in oak tree boles to swallows above barn doors. The...

Item No. AUTOJY7