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Jeff Mack

Just a Story
Mack, Jeff

Free bookplate autographed by Jeff Mack with each purchase.

Reading is wild, dangerous... fantastic! The possibilities are endless, the perils enormous--good thing it's just a story.

A boy happens upon a discarded book that transforms a library into an escalating series of near misses and close encounters with dastardly pirates, a herd of scooter...

Item No. 9780823446636
Mack, Jeff
Start with one rock. Add two mice. The end result? A never-ending battle! Or is it? Using only one word, along with many brightly colored and lively illustrations, Jeff Mack brings his hallmark humor to this rollicking book that will have readers of every age reconsidering whether "Mine!" is the...
Item No. 9781452152349
Moose, Goose and Mouse (with Autographed Bookplate)
Gerstein, Mordicai

Free bookplate autographed by Jeff Mack with each purchase.

A roving, rhyming tale about three friends in search of the perfect new home. Giggles guaranteed!

Moose, Goose, and Mouse need a new house, so they set off in search of one. But when their caboose comes loose, they're off on a wild adventure--with a perfect surprise waiting at the end...

Item No. 9780823447602
Starry Safari - Autographed
Ashman, Linda

Autographed by illustrator Jeff Mack

Beep! Beep! Beep! A daring girl and her trusty orange jeep are off on an exciting safari. There are giraffes to watch, rhinos to race, and wily crocodiles to avoid. And when a roaring lion crosses her path, she knows exactly what to do: roar back! But will she be as courageous when it's time...
Item No. 9780152047665