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Nina Crews

I'm Not Small-Autographed

What makes you big? What makes you small? From acclaimed author-illustrator Nina Crews comes a picture book that...

Item No. AUTONC01
Neighborhood Mother Goose-Autographed

Every day, children the world over sing, shout, and celebrate Mother Goose rhymes. And now there's a new reason to cheer: Nina Crews has added her own remarkable, jazzy style of illustration to a collection of forty-one favorite verses. Whether it's Jack jumping over a candlestick (atop a...

Item No. AUTONC04
Neighborhood Sing-Along-Autographed
Item No. AUTONC03
One Hot Summer Day-Autographed

It’s summer, and it’s hot! Acclaimed author-artist Nina Crews’s debut picture book was hailed as “a wonderful...

Item No. AUTONC02