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Susan Cooper

Silver on the Tree (Paperback) - Autographed

The Dark is rising in its last and greatest bid to control the world. And Will Stanton -- last-born of the immortal Old Ones, dedicated to keeping the world free -- must join forces with this ageless master Merriman and Bran, the Welsh boy whose destiny ties him to the Light. Drawn in with them...

Item No. AUTOSC12
The Boggart (Hardcover) - Autographed
Cooper, Susan

When Emily and Jess Volnik's family inherits a remote, crumbling Scottish castle, they also inherit
the Boggart -- an invisible, mischievious spirit who's been playing tricks on residents of Castle
Keep for generations. Then the Boggart is...

Item No. AUTOSC5
The Grey King (Hardcover) - Autographed
Cooper, Susan

here is a Welsh legend about a harp of gold, hidden within a certain hill, that will be found by a boy
and a white dog with silver eyes -- a dog that can see the wind. Will Stanton knew nothing of this
when he came to Wales to recover from a severe illness. But when he met Bran, the...

Item No. AUTOSC6