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Wendell Minor

How to Be a Bigger Bunny-Autographed
Minor, Florence

This picture book treasure features a cast of adorable bunnies. The artwork and story are reminiscent of picture book classics by Margaret Wise Brown and Richard Scarry.

When Tickles the bunny’s family goes on an adventure without her, Tickles reads her book, How to Be a Bigger...

Item No. AUTOWM2
If You Were a Panda Bear
Minor, Florence

The authors of If You Were a Penguin, Wendell and Florence Minor, turn their attention to bears in the educational picture book If You Were a Panda Bear.

If You Were a Panda Bear introduces different types of bears to young children. Through the poems in...

Item No. 9780061950902
Minor Book Plate & Luck - Hardcover
George, Jean Craighead

Autographed by illustrator Wendell Minor

Last chance! This book is out-of-print and we don't have many copies left. Get it while you can!

After a girl saves his life, Luck, a young sandhill crane, begins the long migration north to Siberia with his parents. Luck and his parents use a special song to find one another: "Crackaarr!" While his parents depend on rivers, lakes, and mountains to guide their way, Luck memorizes man-made...

Item No. 9780060082017
Southwest Sunrise (with Autographed Bookplate)
Grimes, Nikki

Autographed by illustrator Wendell Minor

From Children's Literature Legacy Award winner Nikki Grimes and highly-acclaimed illustrator Wendell Minor comes a stunning picture book about the beauty of the natural world and finding a new place to call home.

The beauty of the natural world is just waiting to be discovered . . ....

Item No. 9781547600823
The Leather Apron Club
Yolen, Jane

Autographed by author Jane Yolen and illustrator Wendell Minor

A powerful celebration of libraries from master storyteller Jane Yolen. Benjamin Franklin introduces his son Billy to the Leather Apron Club, where it's love at first page.

When Billy's father Benjamin Franklin announces that Billy and his lazy cousin James will soon have a tutor, Billy...

Item No. 9781580897198
Yankee Doodle America - Autographed Hardcover

If you traveled the roads of colonial America, colorful hand-painted signs would greet you when you came across an inn or tavern, and inside, folks would be gathered to eagerly share the news of the day.Wendell Minor invites us on just such a journey through America in the days of its struggle...