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Fred Marcellino

I Crocodile
Marcellino, Fred

While robbing Egypt's mummies, sphinxes, and palm trees, Napoleon can't resist bringing home a souvenir crocodile as well.

All Paris is enchanted with this exotic creature. But for a crocodile with an appetite as big as his ego, being the toast of the town has its...

Item No. 9780060088590
Puss in Boots
Perrault, Charles

Charles Perrault's Puss in Boots has been an irresistible magnet for countless illustrators ever since this classic French tale was first published in 1697. So the question arises: Do we really need another edition of Puss? Presented with Fred Marcellino's magnificent interpretation of...

Item No. 9780312659455
The Art of Fred Marcellino
Falletta, Nicholas

An appreciation of Fred Marcellino and his work, including his children's books as well as book cover art and graphic design. Features full-color illustrations. Softcover, 43 pages.

Item No. 9780972371803