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Beginning Reader Graphic Novels

A Birthday for Cow!
Thomas, Jan

Staff Pick

Perfect for fans of Elephant...
Item No. 9780544850026
Ants Don't Wear Pants
McCloskey, Kevin

Feeling antsy?

Then let yourself be captivated by these tiny, fascinating creatures that you can find in any backyard near you! They hear with their legs and smell with their antennae--some even explode! In this spectacular addition to his best-selling Giggle and Learn series,...

Item No. 9781662665004
Arlo & Pips #3 New Kids in the Flock
Gravel, Elise

In the grand finale of Elise Gravel's graphic chapter book series that Kirkus called "a charming treasure," Arlo the crow is going to be a dad! The third book in this quirky series from acclaimed author Elise Gravel is perfect for fans of Narwhal and Jelly and Castronauts....

Item No. 9780063050792
Ballet Cat: Dance! Dance! Underpants - Autographed
Shea, Bob

Ballet Cat is getting her friend Butter Bear ready for her big ballet debut. "Leap, Butter Bear, leap!" Ballet Cat prompts. But Butter Bear would prefer to just point her toe. When Ballet Cat keeps pushing, Butter Bear gets hungry, then thirsty, then sleepy.... The bottom line is that Butter...

Ballet Cat: The Totally Secret Secret - Autographed
Shea, Bob

  Staff Pick

Ballet Cat and Sparkles...

Ballet Cat: What's Your Favorite Favorite? - Autographed
Shea, Bob

Everyone's favorite feline dance diva faces stiff competition in this hilarious third book in the popular Ballet Cat series for early readers!

Ballet Cat and her cousin Goat are preparing a show for Grandma. Each is trying to outdo the other—Ballet Cat with an elaborate dance...

Ramm, Meggie

  Staff Pick

First in a full-color graphic novel series for emerging readers about accepting yourself and others from up-and-coming author-illustrator Meggie Ramm, creator of the comic strip The Littlest Dungeon Guard and cohost of the Pop! Whiz! Bang! comics podcast.


Item No. 9781419756573
Caterpillars: What Will I Be When I Get to Be Me?-Autographed
Kevin McCloskey

Is it a worm? Is it a snake? No! It’s a caterpillar . . .

. . .  and it’s on its way to one of the most magical transformations in the insect world, from a crawling digestive tube to a fluttering glasswing, luna moth, or monarch on its journey across thousands-of-miles. In the...

Item No. 19346579
Dog & Hat and the Lost Polka Dots
Shuler, Darin
Adventure Time, Nickelodeon, and Don't Hug Me I'm Scared meet in this wonderfully strange and funny adventure of two best friends.

With its distinctive, comic strip-like art style and lighthearted, off-the-wall concept, this chapter book is a breath of fresh air for brand-...

Item No. 9781797206882
Fitz and Cleo Get Creative - To Be Autographed 10/15
Stutzman, Jonathan

The dynamo team behind Llama Destroys the World continue their delightful and hilarious ghostly hijinks in their early reader graphic novel series, perfect for fans of Elephant...

Item No. 9781250239457
Fix-Its: Nail Needs Help
Reul, Sarah Lynne

  Staff Pick

The Fix-Its: Nail Needs Help is the latest in I Can Read Comics, an early reader line that familiarizes children with the world of graphic novel storytelling and encourages visual literacy in emerging readers.

Meet Nail and Hammer, two pals in...

Item No. 9780063295506
Flubby Will Not Play with That
Morris, J E
Flubby, the lovably lazy feline, embarks on his next non-adventure!

When Kami brings home a bag full of toys for Flubby, the uninterested cat isn't enthusiastic about the choices. A wind-up mouse? No thanks. A fish hanging from a stick? Yawn. But after Flubby rejects each offering...

Item No. 9781524790837
Gnome and Rat
Stohler, Lauren

  Staff Pick

Readers will get a kick out of the whimsical and hilarious everyday shenanigans of best friends, Gnome and Rat, in the first book of this new early graphic novel series.

Gnome and Rat are best friends who live together in a charming forest. Rat enjoys drinking tea and...

Item No. 9780593487822
Gnome And Rat: Time to Party
Stohler, Lauren

  Staff Pick

Your favorite hilarious best friends are BACK and ready to party in the second installment of this early graphic novel series.

Gnome and Rat--the silly and endearing best friends from the Enormous Forest--can't wait to celebrate Gnome's 133rd birthday! Gnome has a few things...

Item No. 9780593487860
Hippo and Rabbit
Mack, Jeff
A brand new reader series starring two unlikely friends!

A trio of tales featuring two friends: Rabbit and Hippo are as different as night and day, but together they have fun all day and night! With Rabbit's help, Hippo's breakfast turns into a breakfeast. Then at the park, both are able to...
Item No. 9780545274456
Kitten Construction Company
Green, John Patrick

All Marmalade wants to do is build things.

She is, after all, a trained architect.

She's also a distractingly adorable kitten.

Fed up with not being taken seriously because she's so cute, Marmalade bands together with a handful of other aspiring builders--all of them kittens. But in...

Item No. 9781250801937
Kitten Construction Company #2: A Bridge too Fur
Green, John Patrick

In John Patrick Green's Kitten Construction Company: A Bridge Too Fur the feline builders return, this time, with dogs! Construction has never been cuter than in this graphic novel for very young readers!

Marmalade and her crew of construction kittens are in high demand!


Item No. 9781250801913
Narwhal #3 Peanut Butter & Jelly PB
Clanton, Ben
A New York Times Bestselling series

"Hilarious and charming. The most lovable duo since Frog and Toad." --NYT-bestselling creator of the Dog Man and Captain Underpants series, Dav Pilkey

Narwhal's obsession with a new favorite food leads the duo into hijinks and...

Item No. 9780735262461
Narwhal's Otter Friend (#4)
Clanton, Ben
A New York Times Bestselling series

"Hilarious and charming. The most lovable duo since Frog and Toad." --NYT-bestselling creator of the Dog Man and Captain Underpants series, Dav Pilkey

Narwhal and Jelly . . . and Otty?! Exuberant Narwhal and skeptical Jelly test...

Item No. 9780735262492
Narwhal #7 Narwhalicorn and Jelly
Clanton, Ben

In the hilarious seventh book of this blockbuster graphic novel series, Narwhal wishes to see a unicorn -- and actually becomes one!

When Jelly wonders what a unicorn is, Narwhal explains that they're pretty much narwhals of the land (!) -- and then gets...

Item No. 9780735266728
Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea (Softcover)
Clanton, Ben
A New York Times Bestselling series

"Hilarious and charming. The most lovable duo since Frog and Toad." --NYT-bestselling creator of the Dog Man and Captain Underpants series, Dav Pilkey

Narwhal is a happy-go-lucky narwhal. Jelly is a no-nonsense jellyfish. The two...

Item No. 9781101918715
Owl and Penguin
Madan, Vikram

  Staff Pick

Two feathered friends are Frog and Toad for the emoji generation in this delightful graphic novel for emerging readers.

Owl likes peace and quiet.

Penguin likes to SING OUT LOUD.

But best friends don't need to be the same. Sometimes it's good...

Item No. 9780823456062
Owly #1 Way Home
Runton, Andy
All Owly wants is a friend...

Owly is a good-natured little owl, and he's always helping those around him. But despite his kindness, he seems to frighten would-be friends away before they even give him a chance, just because he's an owl. That all changes, though, once Owly meets Wormy. Like...
Item No. 9781338300659
Owly #2 Just a Little Blue
Runton, Andy
Owly and Wormy just want to help...

Best friends Owly and Wormy have days filled with adventure and hearts filled with kindness. And when they discover a bluebird family living in a damaged tree, they want to help out the best way they can: by building the birds a new home! But when...
Item No. 9781338300673
Owly #3: Flying Lessons
Runton, Andy
Facing fears can be scary...

Owly and Wormy love making new friends, and when they spot an unfamiliar animal flying through the trees, they can't wait to meet her! Unfortunately, Shadow the flying squirrel doesn't want to be friends with Owly because she's afraid of him. Wormy tries...

Item No. 9781338300697