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Twice as Good - Autographed
Richard Michelson

Autographed by author Richard Michelson

To nine-year-old Willie Powell, there was no prettier sight than the smooth grass lawns of Edgewater Golf Cource. He had been so eager to see them that he'd run seven miles to where the course was situated outside of town. But his...

Item No. AUTORM3
Wilma Unlimited HB
Krull, Kathleen

One of the most energetic kids in the town of Clarksville, Tenessee, Wilma loves to run and laugh and play with her nineteen older brothers and sisters. But before she's five years old, she gets very sick, and the doctor's news is not good: polio has paralyzed her left leg. Everyone says that...

Item No. 9780152012670
Young Pele
Cline-Ransome, Lesa
How did a poor boy named Edson--who kicked rocks down roads and dribbled balls made from rags--go on to become the greatest soccer player of all time? Here is the story of the boy who with great determination, lightning speed, and amazing skill overcame tremendous odds to become the world champion...
Item No. 9780375871566
Zachary's Ball (Softcover)
Tavares, Matt
Zachary receives a foul ball at a major league game, and his baseball fantasies start to come alive.

Zachary is amazed by the sights and sounds at Fenway Park when he goes to his first major-league baseball game. But when his father catches a foul ball at the game and gives it to Zachary...

Item No. 9780763659776