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Picture Books: Ages 2-7

Wild Berries
Flett, Julie

Tch, tch, sh, sh, tup, tup.
Spend the day picking wild blueberries with Clarence and his grandmother. Meet ant, spider, and fox in a beautiful woodland andscape, the ancestral home of author and illustrator Julie Flett. This book is written in both Enlglish and Cree, in particular the n-...

Item No. 9781897476895
Wild Feelings
Milgrim, David

Do you ever feel as stubborn as a mule? Or as chicken as a chicken? Of course you do. Everyone does.

In this lighthearted look at feelings, David Milgrim tenderly and humorously sketches the emotional range--from awkward to unnoticed, to really, rrrreally mad. Ultimately...

Item No. 9780805095876
Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge
Fox, Mem
Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, a rather small boy, lives next door to a nursing home in which resides Miss Nancy Alison Delacourt Cooper, his favorite friend, because she has four names as well. When Miss Nancy loses her memory, the intrepid Wilfrid sets out to find it for her. Full color.
Item No. 9780916291266
William's Doll (Hardcover)
Zolotow, Charlotte
William wants a doll - to hug, to feed, to tuck in, and kiss goodnight. "Don't be a creep, " says his brother. "Sissy, sissy, " chants the boy next door. His father buys him trains and a basketball - but not the doll that William really wants. Then one day, someone comes along who understands why...
Item No. 9780060270476
William's Doll (Softcover)
Zolotow, Charlotte
William wants a doll - to hug, to feed, to tuck in, and kiss goodnight. "Don't be a creep, " says his brother. "Sissy, sissy, " chants the boy next door. His father buys him trains and a basketball - but not the doll that William really wants. Then one day, someone comes along who understands why...
Item No. 9780064430678
Wind and the Clover
Weber, Audrey Helen
From an acclaimed up-and-coming artist comes a gorgeous tribute to imagination, curiosity, and following your dreams, perfect for fans of Julie Fogliano and Carson Ellis.

More things than you can imagine live in a field of clover, but this is a story about the bees...and their wondrous...

Item No. 9780316459914
Where did all these pieces of paper come from? Who do they belong to?

The chicken is sure that they belong to him, but so is the fish, and so is the bird, and the snail and the frog… Using the same small scraps of paper over and over again to create a new animal on each page,...
Item No. 9781926973777
Arbona, Marion
In this interactive, one-of-a-kind wordless picture book, extraordinary things are happening behind the windows of the city.

A young girl is walking home from school in a big city. As she gazes up at window after window in the buildings on her route --- each one a different shape and size ---...

Item No. 9781525301360
Denos, Julia
Walking his dog at dusk, one boy catches glimpses of the lives around him in this lovely ode to autumn evenings, exploring your neighborhood, and coming home.

Before your city goes to sleep, you might head out for a walk, your dog at your side as you go out the door and into the almost-...

Item No. 9780763690359
Myers, Christopher
Are you brave enough to be your true self? Ikarus Jackson is, but it isn't always easy. The people in his neigborhood point at his wings. The kids at school laugh. The teachers call him a distraction.One girl identifies with Ikarus, but she is too shy to speak up for herself, let alone for him....
Item No. 9780590033770
Wishes (with Autographed Bookplate)
Van, Muon Thi
An arresting, poetic journey and a moving reflection on immigration, family, and home, from an acclaimed creative team.

Wishes tells the powerful, honest story about one Vietnamese family's search for a new home on the other side of the world, and the long-lasting and...

Item No. 9781338305890
With Lots of Love
Torres Sanchez, Jenny
A beautiful, lyrical story about a girl who moves from her home in Central America to the United States, and everything she leaves behind and longs for--especially her Abuela--as she makes a new life.

Rocio has grown up in Central America, but now she and her family are moving to...

Item No. 9780593205006
Steig, William

An exciting collaboration

Wizzil, a witch, is bored stiff. So with some coaxing from Beatrice, her parrot, she turns herself into a common housefly and heads over to Frimp farm to stir up trouble. Little does she know, DeWitt Frimp absolutely hates all breeds of fly, especially ...

Item No. 9781250056733
Woke: A Young Poet's Call to Justice
Gatwood, Olivia

This collection of poems by women of color covers topics relating to social justice, activism, discrimination and empathy, focusing on the need to speak out and inspiring middle-graders. -Vogue

Woke: A Young Poet's Guide to Justice is a collection of...

Item No. 9781250311207
Wolf in the Snow
Cordell, Matthew

Winner of the 2018 Caldecott Medal!

Winner of the 2018 Caldecott Medal

A girl is lost in a snowstorm. A wolf cub is lost, too. How will they find their way home?

Paintings rich with feeling tell this satisfying story of friendship and trust. Wolf in the Snow is a book set on a wintry night that...

Item No. 9781250076366
Wolfie the Bunny
Ame Dyckman
Families of all kinds will delight in this sweet tale of new babies, sibling rivalry, bravery, unconditional love...and veggies!

The Bunny family has adopted a wolf son, and daughter Dot is the only one who realizes Wolfie can--and might--eat them all up! Dot tries to...
Item No. 9780316226141
Gravett, Emily

What do wolves really like to eat? It isn't little girls in red hoods.
Rabbits shouldn't believe what they read in fairy tales, but this book has the facts.

(This book follows the National Carroticulum.)

Item No. 9781416914914
Wonder Bear
Tao Nyeu
Two kids plant mysterious seeds (all that?s pictured on the envelope is a blue top hat), and up grows a remarkable flowering vine, out of which emerges an even more remarkable big white bear. On his head is the top hat?a hat that allows him to work all kinds of magic that day. He pulls monkey after...
Item No. 9780803733282
Wonder Walkers - Autographed
Archer, Micha

A Caldecott Honor Winner!

A Caldecott Honor winner!

Micha Archer's gorgeous, detailed collages give readers a fresh outlook on the splendors of nature.

Cover may vary.

When two curious kids embark on a wonder walk, they let their imaginations soar as they...

Item No. 9780593109649
Wonder Walkers - Autographed
Archer, Micha

A 2021 Caldecott Honor winner! Micha Archer's gorgeous, detailed collages give readers a fresh outlook on the splendors of nature.


When two curious kids embark on a "wonder walk," they let their imaginations soar...

Item No. AUTOMA3
Hall, Michael

This beautiful and informative picture book follows a single tree through the fall season, from the end of summer to winter's first snowfall. A great read-aloud for home and the classroom by the New York Times-bestselling creator of My Heart Is Like a Zoo and Red: A Crayon'...

Item No. 9780062382986
Woody, Hazel & Little Pip Mini
Beskow, Elsa

This delightful Fall story describes the woodland adventures of two acorn children who get carried away by the blustery wind.

Mr Squirrel and Hazel, the youngest Hazelnut child, go off in search of them and encounter a grumpy troll and the Chestnut boys along the way.

A mini edition...

Item No. 9780863157295
Word Wizard-PB
Falwell, Cathryn

Sale! Was $6.99, now only $3.98!

Eating alphabet cereal at breakfast, Anna is delighted to realize how the letters in her cereal spoon can be rearranged into several different words. She's a word wizard!

Item No. 9780618689248
Words to Make a Friend
Napoli, Donna Jo
A clever and innovative bilingual English/Japanese picture book about a Japanese girl and an American girl who prove you don't need to speak the same language to understand each other.

When a young Japanese girl moves into her new house, she is happy to see a girl her age playing...

Item No. 9780593122273
Work: An Occupational ABC
Hatanaka, Kellen
An alphabetical tour through the coolest jobs you can imagine -- and some you might never have heard of! With a sophisticated, minimalist design and visual jokes to interpret on every page, Work: An Occupational ABC introduces children both to the alphabet and to a range of alternative...
Item No. 9781554984091