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Reggio Emilia-Inspired Texts

Beautiful Stuff
Gandini, Lella
Encourage your kids to express their creativity as they discover, collect, sort, arrange, experiment, and think with found and recyclable "stuff." The real-life experiences of teachers and children will inspire ideas that you can try at home: choose objects and turn them into a display, transform...
Item No. 9780871923882
I Compagni
William A. Corsaro and Lusia Molinari

What happens when children in creative, Reggio-like preschools go to a more traditional elementary school? In this book, William Corsaro and his Italian co-author, Luisa Molinari, tell a complete and important story about the lives of children as they grow from young preschoolers to...

Item No. X8269
Edizioni Junior

The educational experiences of Pistoia City Council in the drawings and graphics by Andrea Rauch 1979-1999.

Item No. 9788886858519
Per Mano

Pistoia: lo sguardo dei bambini sulle piazze della città.

Item No. 9788873362463
Possible Schools
Lewin-Benham, Ann

Possible Schools tells the compelling story of the Model Early Learning Center (MELC) in Washington, DC -- the only school in a U.S. urban area to successfully implement the principles of the Municipal Preschools of Reggio Emilia. The author decribes the origin of this...

Item No. X8268
Remida Day

REMIDA, the Creative Recycling Center, is a joint project of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia and AGAC, and is managed by the Friends of Reggio Children Association, with the contribution of its numerous volunteers. REMIDA was established based on the idea to create a relationship between...

Item No. X8181
Theater Curtain
Vecchi, Vea

Published by Reggio Children, Theater Curtain: The Ring of Transformations is a book that recounts how the children of the Diana municipal preschool were able to work together by finding agreements to design and create a curtain for Reggio Emilia’s Ariosto Theater.

Item No. X9220