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Trombone Shorty
Andrews, Troy
A Caldecott Honor Book illustrated by Bryan Collier, this picture book true story from Grammy Award nominee Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews is a "well-told and exquisitely illustrated story of a musician with a steep career trajectory will inspire young readers to pursue their passions, despite...
Item No. 9781419714658
African Playground-CD

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Putumayo's African Playground is filled with great songs by artists from Senegal to South Africa. Children and their families will love the upbeat rhythms and appealing melodies on this musical...

Item No. 790248020723
Alvin Ailey (paperback)
Andrea Pinkney and Brian Pinkney

An informative and inspiring biography of Alvin Ailey, the great African-American dancer and choreographer, created by TheNew York Times bestselling and award-winning duo Andrea David Pinkney and Brian Pinkey.

Since he was a young boy in Navasota, Texas, Alvin...

Item No. 9780786810772
American Playground CD

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Fun for 4th of July, summer birthday parties, and road trips, Putumayo's American Playground is a collection of lively and fresh renditions of America’s treasure trove of classic sing-along...

Item No. 790248033426
Asian Dreamland CD

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Putumayo's Asian Dreamland offers soothing and musically intriguing songs from countries as diverse as Japan, China, India and even the Republic of Tatarstan. This harmonious collection of...

Item No. 790248025926
Charlie Parker Played Be Bop (Softcover)
Raschka, Chris
Ever hear of Charlie Parker? The great jazz saxophone player? If you have or if you haven't, it's okay. Look at this board book and you'll hear Charlie Parker; you'll hear music in your mind. Be bop. Fisk, fisk. Lollipop. Boomba, boomba. Look. That's Charlie swinging and spinning all over the pages...
Item No. 9780531070956
Cuban Playground CD

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Kids of all ages will love this fun selection of songs from one of the world’s most musical countries.

Cuban music has become very popular around the world. We hope this collection helps you learn...

Item No. 790248036724
Dancing in the Wings-PB
Allen, Debbie

Sassy is a long-legged girl who always has something to say. She wants to be a ballerina more than anything, but she worries that her too-large feet, too-long legs, and even her big mouth will keep her from her dream. When a famous director comes to visit her class, Sassy does her best to get...

Item No. 9780142501412

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More than simply a bedtime album for children, Dreamland: World Lullabies and Soothing Songs features beautiful, universally appealing songs that will create a calm ambiance for people of all...

Item No. 790248021225
Duke Ellington
Andrea Pinkney and Brian Pinkney

A joyful biography of jazz pioneer Duke Ellington, recognized with a Caldecott Honor and Coretta Scott King Award Honor, brought to life by a bestselling husband and wife duo.

Born in 1899, Duke Ellington was the forerunner in the evolution of jazz. By the time he was...

Item No. 9780786814206
Ella Fitzgerald (Softcover) - Autographed
Andrea Pinkney and Brian Pinkney

A stunning tribute to Ella Fitzgerald, one of the most popular female jazz singers of all time, from The New York Times bestselling and award-winning duo Andrea David Pinkney and Brian Pinkey.

Readers are taken on a journey through four tracks of Ella...

Item No. 9780786814169
Emma & Julia Love Ballet - Autographed
McClintock, Barbara
Award-winning author/artist Barbara McClintock has created this enchanting picture book story that will charm every child with ballet dreams!Emma is little. Julia is big.They both love ballet.Emma takes ballet lessons. So does Julia.Emma is learning to be a ballerina. Julia is a professional...
Item No. 9780439894012
Copeland, Misty
In her debut picture book, Misty Copeland tells the story of a young girl--an every girl--whose confidence is fragile and who is questioning her own ability to reach the heights that Misty has reached. Misty encourages this young girl's faith in herself and shows her exactly how, through hard work...
Item No. 9780399166150
French Dreamland CD

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These charming lullabies will transport you to the lavender-scented French countryside. Bonne nuit et dors bien!

There is something very calming about the French language, which has a smooth...

Item No. 790248035529
French Playground-CD

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An entertaining musical journey to Quebec, France and beyond. Updated with 4 new songs. Bon voyage!

Most of the songs on this collection come from France and the province of Quebec in Canada....

Item No. 790248035826
Harlem's Little Blackbird
Zora and Langston. Billie and Bessie. Eubie and Duke. If the Harlem Renaissance had a court, they were its kings and queens. But there were other, lesser known individuals whose contributions were just as impactful, such as Florence Mills. Born to parents who were former-slaves Florence knew early...
Item No. 9780375869730
Harlem's Little Blackbird PB
Watson, Renée
From Caldecott Honor winner Christian Robinson and acclaimed author Renee Watson, comes the inspiring true story of Florence Mills.

Born to parents who were both former slaves, Florence Mills knew at an early age that she loved to sing, and that her sweet, bird-like voice,...

Item No. 9780593380055
Hip Hop Alphabet
Abrams, Howie
Yo Gabba Gabba! meets Yo! MTV Raps in this lively and educational book for young children learning the alphabet--and their hip-hop-loving parents.

Take a wondrous alphabetical journey through the glorious history of hip-hop in this kid-friendly introduction to the music...

Item No. 9781682618660
Hip Hop Alphabet 2
Abrams, Howie
Take another wondrous alphabetical journey through the glorious history of hip-hop in this follow-up to the beloved Hip-Hop Alphabet.

Featuring clever rhymes and graffiti-style drawings by legendary artist Kaves, Hip-Hop Alphabet 2 uses the twenty-six letters of the...

Item No. 9781682618455
How Do You Dance? (Board Book)
Heder, Thyra
A playful picture book that urges readers to bop, bounce, and shake, from the award-winning author of Alfie and Fraidyzoo.

There are so many ways to dance! You can jiggle or wiggle or stomp. You can bop or bounce or go completely nuts. You can dance at the market or the...

Item No. 9781419751820
If I Only Had a Horn: Young Louis Armstrong
Orgill, Roxane

Roxane Orgill's vivid words and Leonard Jenkins's dramatic pictures combine to tell the story of a boy who grew up to be a giant of jazz--the legendary and beloved Louis Armstrong. As a poor boy in New Orleans, where music was everywhere--dancing out of doorways, singing on street corners,...

Item No. 9780618250769
Instrumental Dreamland CD

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Putumayo's Instrumental Dreamland is a a collection of soothing tunes for relaxation and bedtime. The first all-instrumental album from the label, it is the 6th release in the award-winning,...

Item No. 790248031620
Itzhak: A Boy Who Loved the Violin
Newman, Tracy

2021 Schneider Family Book Award Honor

This picture-book biography of violin virtuoso Itzhak Perlman will inspire young readers to follow the melody within themselves

A 2021 Schneider Family Book Award Young Children Honor Book

Before becoming one of the greatest violinists of all time, Itzhak Perlman was simply a...

Item No. 9781419741104
Jazz (paperback)
Myers, Walter Dean
There's a crazy syncopation /and it's tearing through the nation / and it's bringing sweet elation / to every single tune./ It's Jazz

One of TIME's 100 Best Children's Books of All Time

Fifteen poems, infused with the rhythm and wordplay of jazz music, are paired with...

Item No. 9780823421732
Jazz Day
Orgill, Roxane
What happens when you invite as many jazz musicians as you can to pose for a photo in 1950s Harlem? Playful verse and glorious artwork capture an iconic moment for American jazz.

When Esquire magazine planned an issue to salute the American jazz scene in 1958, graphic designer Art...

Item No. 9780763669546