Exhibition Postcards

Alice in Wonderland Postcard Set
Twelve postcard reproductions of episodes from the childhood classic range from John Tenniel's familiar illustrations, which appeared in theoriginal edition of1865, to images from 1907 versions by Arthur Rackham andCharles Robinson and subsequent interpretations by Mabel Lucie Attwell (1910), Charles Folkard (1921), Milo Winter (1934), and other artists."
Item No. 9780486488844
Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Postcard

Postcard featuring Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland as illustrated by John Tenniel. Measures 4" x 6"

Item No. ALICE009PC
Ashley Bryan Postcard - Beautiful Blackbird
Item No. 16097E
Ashley Bryan Postcard - What a Wonderful World
Item No. 16097D
Barbara McClintock Postcard - Heartaches of a French Cat
Item No. 16097G
Barry Moser Postcard - The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz
Item No. 16097B
Brinton Turkle Postcard - Obadiah the Bold

4" x 6" postcard featuring preliminary artwork for Obadiah the Bold.

Item No. 366695
Children's Illustration Postcard Pack of 25

Save $10.00 with this pre-packaged set of postcards exclusive to The Eric Carle Museum!

Set of 25 assorted postcards featuring a variety of favorite images and characters from children's literature, such as Ramona, Knuffle Bunny, Maisy and many more! Postcards measure approximately 4" x 6" and are perfect for sending quick notes or framing.

Item No. 64374591
David Wiesner Postcard - Art & Max

4" x 6" postcard featuring image from David Wiesner's Art & Max.

Item No. 1835564
David Wiesner Postcard - Flotsam

4" x 6" postcard featuring image from David Wiesner's Flotsam.

Item No. 75516634
David Wiesner Postcard - The Three Pigs

4" x 6" postcard featuring image from David Wiesner's The Three Pigs.

Item No. 8062226
David Wiesner Postcard - Tuesday

4" x 6" postcard featuring image from David Wiesner's Tuesday.

Item No. 45949635
Edward Gorey Postcard - The Evil Garden
Item No. 3338
Eloise at Desk Postcard

4" x 6" postcard featuring Eloise from 365 Days of Eloise.

Item No. 13823380
Eloise Valentine Postcard

4" x 6" postcard featuring Eloise and Weenie from 365 Days of Eloise.

Item No. 28506802
Eric Carle Street Art Postcard Set

Set of 15 postcards featuring photographs of sights and textures on pavements by Eric Carle, as featured in the exhibition BEYOND BOOKS: The Independent Art of Eric Carle. "For a long time, I have been charmed by the accidental designs and markings on the pavement. I photographed a number of these images. I think of them as "Street Art," small and abstract treasures, things that mostly go unnoticed." - Eric Carle

Item No. 15913
Etienne Delessert Postcard - Book Tree
Item No. 13570D
Etienne Delessert Postcard - Full Color

Image from Full Color by Etienne Delessert. Featured in What a Circus: The Art of Etienne Delessert exhibit at The Carle in 2011.

Item No. 13570C
Etienne Delessert Postcard - Ionesco Stories 123
Item No. 13570A
Etienne Delessert Postcard - Parrot
Item No. 13570B
Gennady Spirin Postcard -  Jack And The Beanstalk
Item No. 16097H
James and the Giant Peach Postcard

Postcard featuring image from Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach, illustrated by Quentin Blake. Measure 4" x 6"

Item No. RD216PC
Leo Lionni Postcard - Extraordinary Egg
Item No. 14038E
Leo Lionni Postcard - Fish is Fish
Item No. 14038C
Leo Lionni Postcard - Frederick
Item No. 14038G