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Swimmy - Softcover
Lionni, Leo
The gorgeous, Caldecott Honor-winning tale of a very clever fish by beloved picture book creator Leo Lionni.

Deep in the sea lives a happy school of fish. Their watery world is full of wonders, but there is also danger, and the little fish are afraid to come out of hiding . . . until...

Item No. 9780399555503
The Alphabet Tree - Softcover
Lionni, Leo
When a fierce wind threatens to blow all the little letters out of the alphabet tree, they must band together in words--and then sentences--to create a message that's even stronger than the wind: peace on earth. With their newfound knowledge, there's nothing the letters can't do in this...
Item No. 9780679808350
The Biggest House In The World - Softcover
Lionni, Leo
Illus. in full color. A young snail realizes that a big house might be a
disaster for him. "The translucent color of the pictures and the simplicity of
the text make a perfect combination."-- "Book World.
Item No. 9780394827407
Tico and the Golden Wings - Softcover
Lionni, Leo
A classic fable encouraging generosity and individuality, from four-time Caldecott Honor-winner Leo Lionni.

Tico, a little bird born without wings, is one day granted his dearest wish. But the wings he gets are made of gold and his bird friends turn against him. "You think you are better...

Item No. 9780394830780
Tillie and the Wall - Softcover
Lionni, Leo
Illus. in full color. "Lionni's inquisitive, clever mice prove once more the
value of the fable as a storytelling device, especially when it is simply told
and beautifully illustrated. Confined to a meadow behind a high wall, Tillie
longs to discover the unknown world beyond the wall...
Item No. 9780679813576