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Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present - Hardcover
Zolotow, Charlotte

The author of such classics as My Granson Lew, Williams's Doll, and Over and Over needs no introduction. Neither does her collaborator Maurice Sendak, who has illustrated so many of today's best-loved, as well as most distinguised, books for children. The heroine of their book has a problem. And at first it does not look as though Mr. Rabbit is going to be much help in solving it . For everyone knows you cannot give your mother a red roof, a yellow taxi-cab, a green caterpillar, or a blue lake for her birthday. But then all the little girl had said was that her mother liked red, yellow, green and blue -- and so Mr. Rabbit was trying.How he and the liitle girl come up with the absolutely perfect present makes a story the the youngest reader will love. And the wonderously bright full-color pictures will bring hours of pleasure to readers and lookers of all ages.

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Sendak, Maurice

Fifty years after Where the Wild Things Are was published comes the last book Maurice Sendak completed before his death in May 2012, My Brother's Book. With influences from Shakespeare and William Blake, Sendak pays homage to his late brother, Jack, whom he credited for his passion for writing and drawing. Pairing Sendak's poignant poetry with his exquisite and dramatic artwork, this book redefines what mature readers expect from Maurice Sendak while continuing the lasting legacy he created over his long, illustrious career. Sendak's tribute to his brother is an expression of both grief and love and will resonate with his lifelong fans who may have read his children's books and will be ecstatic to discover something for them now. Pulitzer Prize-winning literary critic and Shakespearean scholar Stephen Greenblatt contributes a moving introduction.

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No Fighting, No Biting! - Softcover
Minarik, Else Holmelund
In 1957, Harper published its first I Can Readd title, Little Bear, written by Else Holmelund Minarik and illustrated by Maurice Sendak. Large type, simple vocabulary, chapter-like divisions, and decorative pictures made Little Bear perfect for emerging readers
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Hoffmann, E T a
"A classic, new and complete. One of the ten best illustrated children's books of the year."
-- New York Times Book Review

The tale of Nutcracker, written by E.T.A. Hoffmann in 1816, has fascinated and inspired artists, composers, and audiences for almost two hundred years. It has retained its freshness because it appeals to the sense of wonder we all share.

Maurice Sendak designed brilliant sets and costumes for the Pacific Northwest Ballet's Christmas production of Nutcracker and created even more magnificent pictures especially for this book. He joined with the eminent translator Ralph Manheim to produce this illustrated edition of Hoffmann's wonderful tale, destined to become a classic for all ages.

The world of Nutcracker is a world of pleasures. Maurice Sendak's art illuminates the delights of Hoffmann's story in this rich and tantalizing treasure.

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Sendak, Maurice

From Maurice Sendak, the Caldecott Medal-winning genius who created Where the Wild Things Are, comes Nutshell Library, which will enchant readers with four classic titles.

Containing pocket-size versions of perennial favorites Alligators All Around, Chicken Soup with Rice, One Was Johnny, and Pierre, this pint-size library is perfect for small hands.

Learn the alphabet with silly alligators, drink chicken soup with rice every month, count visitors with a boy named Johnny, and survive a scare with a boy who doesn't care. Endless adventures await in these lyrical stories that children, and their grown-up readers, will love reading and sharing over and over again.

A wonderful stocking stuffer or baby shower gift, Maurice Sendak's Nutshell Library will evoke powerful memories for many, and the rhymes and stories continue to speak to new generations of little ones.

And if you prefer your Nutshell Library books on their own and not quite so tiny, each is also now available in a board book edition.

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Sendak, Maurice
'One was Johnny'but that's not all, count the others who came to call.'

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One Was Johnny - Softcover
Sendak, Maurice

'One was Johnny -- but that's not all, count all the others who came to call.'

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Outside Over There - Hardcover
Sendak, Maurice
With Papa off to sea and Mama despondent, Ida must go outside over there to rescue her baby sister from goblins who steal her to be a goblin's bride.
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Outside Over There - Softcover
Sendak, Maurice
Maurice Sendak, the master conjurer of images and words, mingles dark memories with myth, nightmares with sweet dreams and turns them all into "a profound work of art for children".--New York Times.
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Sendak, Maurice
Pierre's 'I don't care!' intrigues a hungry lion. 'A story with a moral air about Pierre, who learned to care.'

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Really Rosie
Sendak, Maurice
This sturdily bound paperback contains the script of the TV special Really Rosie, the text of [the four Nutshell Library volumes], and music arranged for easy piano and guitar chords for the seven Carole King songs from [the program].A delight for TV fans of all ages.' 'Language Arts.
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Marshall, James

When a lean and mangy wolf stumbles into the Boarshoi Ballet, he finds tasty pigs a-plenty, twirling and whirling in a performance of Swine Lake. Faced with all those luscious porkers, whats a hungry wolf to do? Well, something totally surprising, as it turns out.

Pure fun from Marshall and Sendak--an incomparable duo!

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The Animal Family - Hardcover
Jarrell, Randall

This is the story of how, one by one, a man found himself a family. Almost nowhere in fiction is there a stranger, dearer, or funnier family--and the life that the members of The Animal Family live together, there in the wilderness beside the sea, is as extraordinary and as enchanting as the family itself.

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The Animal Family - Softcover
Jarrell, Randall

This is the story of how, one by one, a man found himself a family. Almost nowhere in fiction is there a stranger, dearer, or funnier family -- and the life that the members of The Animal Family live together, there in the wilderness beside the sea, is as extraordinary and as enchanting as the family itself.

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The Art of Maurice Sendak: 1980 to the Present
Kushner, Tony
Maurice Sendak ranks as one of the best known and loved children's book artists in the USA, and has been awarded both the Hans Christian Andersen Medal and the Caldecott Medal. This volume picks up where Selma Lanes' monograph of his work The Art of Maurice Sendak, published in 1980, leaves off, tracing Sendak's life and work from 1980 to 2003. provides an intimate view of the artist. Kushner not only gives a chronological overview of Sendak's work, but also allows us to see him as an accomplished author and artist redefining his legacy, and as a man coming to terms with himself.
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The Bat Poet - Softcover
Jarrell, Randall

There was once a little brown bat who couldn't sleep days--he kept waking up and looking at the world. Before long he began to see things differently from the other bats who from dawn to sunset never opened their eyes. The Bat-Poet is the story of how he tried to make the other bats see the world his way.

With illustrations by Maurice Sendak, The Bat-Poet--a New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Book selection--is a collection of the bat's own poems and the bat's own world: the owl who almost eats him; the mockingbird whose irritable genius almost overpowers him; the chipmunk who loves his poems, and the bats who can't make heads or tails of them; the cardinals, blue jays, chickadees, and sparrows who fly in and out of Randall Jarrell's funny, lovable, truthful fable.

Supports the Common Core State Standards

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The Golden Key
MacDonald, George

The adventurous wanderings of a boy and girl to find the keyhole which fits the rainbow's golden key.

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The Griffin and the Minor Cannon
Stockton, Frank Richard

The first of Frank Stockton's original fairytales re-illustrated by Maurice Sendak.

When a griffin shows great fondness for the sculpture of himself above the great door of the church, and equal admiration for the Minor Canon, the townspeople fear that the terrifying creature will live among them forever.

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The Happy Rain
Sendak, Jack
Chapter One

The people of Troekan were very fortunate. No other village could boast of such fine, glorious rain. Rain that flooded their gardens with a profusion of dazzling flowers. Rain that made music as it pattered on the tile roofs. Rain that perfumed the very air, drenched their clothes, and muddied their streets. It was a joy to live in Troekan.

Now, as this story begins, it was a typical day in the village of Troekan-a real soaker. Many of the villagers were picnicking in the country. Others were stretched out on the wet grass in the parks: airing their babies, listening to the band concert, or just napping.

School, which for reasons of health was held outdoors in the rain, had just been dismissed. And the children ran, shouting happily, past the shiny wet houses-toward the lake. It was just the right kind of a day for a swim.

In one of the houses, a mother's voice said, "What -- Raymond and Yolande -- still in the house on such a fine rainy day? Quick -- out into the streets -- or do I have to toss you both out of the window?"

Raymond and Yolande ran into the street, giggling. Mother was always joking.

"And, mind," she cried after them. "And, mind you come back soaked to the skin -- else I'll lock you both out."

Oh, of course Raymond and Yolande would get soaked to the skin, and muddy, and dirty. Didn't they every day? Playing their regular games of mud-rolling, puddle-jumping, and hide-and-splash?

Situated in the center of Troekan was the village square. As always, it was a hubbub of activity. Vendors were selling their soaking wares everywhere. The villagers were shopping, and discussing the affairs of the day. And they were forever arguing, andshouting, and laughing. While the children played games, or had mud-ball fights. And cried, and chased dogs, and ate. Everyone was having a grand time.

And above all the clatter and bustle could be heard the beautiful sound of the rain pattering on the tile roofs.

And, just as they did every night, everyone, including the children, stayed up as late as they wanted to. For there were so many things to do, and to see, and to hear. And, just as every day in Troekan, this one had been full of happiness, excitement, and fun.

As Raymond and Yolande prepared for bed, they were already making plans for the next day.

"We can dig a tremendous tunnel," said Yolande. "Right under the street-and we can make believe we are rabbits."

"Yes," added her brother, "and we can scare everybody that comes by."

Throughout the village everyone flung their windows wide open, the better to feel the rain as they slept. This, they believed, would assure them of fine dreams.

And soon the pattering rain soothed the villagers to sleep ...

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The Sign On Rosie's Door
Sendak, Maurice

Fans of Maurice Sendak's Caldecott Medal-winning Where the Wild Things Are will love The Sign on Rosie's Door--the book that inspired the Broadway musical Really Rosie, with music by Carole King!

There was a sign on Rosie's door that said, "If you want to know a secret, knock three times." One day, Kathy, Rosie's good friend, knocks three times and learns the secret--that Rosie is no longer Rosie, but Alinda, the lovely lady singer. What follows is the story of real children, playing as only children know how.

In a starred review, Kirkus praised The Sign on Rosie's Door, saying, "Maurice Sendak, through both text and illustrations, fuses the appealingly familiar with the magical in a book of outstanding charm."

First published in 1960, The Sign on Rosie's Door portrays children in their very real world of imagination as only Maurice Sendak can.

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Cott, Jonathan
An extraordinary, path-breaking, and penetrating book on the life and work and creative inspirations of the great children's book genius Maurice Sendak, who since his death in 2012 has only grown in his stature and recognition as a major American artist, period.

Polymath and master interviewer Jonathan Cott first interviewed Maurice Sendak in 1976 for Rolling Stone, just at the time when Outside Over There, the concluding and by far the strangest volume of a trilogy that began with Where The Wild Things Are and In the Night Kitchen, was gestating. Over the course of their wide-ranging and revelatory conversation about his life, work, and the fantasies and obsessions that drove his creative process, they focused on many of the themes and images that would appear in the new book five years later. Drawing on that interview, There's a Mystery There is a profound examination of the inner workings of a complicated genius's torments and inspirations that ranges over the entirety of his work and his formative life experiences, and uses Outside Over There, brilliantly and originally, as the key to understanding just what made this extravagantly talented man tick. To gain multiple perspectives on that intricate and multifaceted book, Cott also turns to four "companion guides": a Freudian analyst, a Jungian analyst, an art historian, and Sendak's great friend and admirer, the playwright Tony Kushner. The book is richly illustrated with examples from Sendak's work and other related images.

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Sendak, Maurice

First published in 1957, Very Far Away is the second book Sendak both wrote and illustrated.

In this story, a young boy with a new baby sibling, must learn to cope with his sudden lack of attention. He goes out searching for 'very far away'.

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Joslin, Sesyle

What do you do when:

  • a lady polar bear walks into your igloo in a white fur coat?
  • the lady you are forcing to walk the plank drops her handkerchief?
  • you meet someone coming the other way on a circus tightrope?
  • This is the funniest book on good behavior you'll ever read!

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    product image
    Joslin, Sesyle

    What do you say when:

  • You bump into a crocodile on a crowded city street?
  • A nice gentleman introduces you to a baby elephant?
  • The Queen feeds you so much spaghetti that you don't fit in your chair anymore?
  • This is the funniest book of manners you'll ever read!

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    Where The Wild Things - Spanish Softcover Edition
    Sendak, Maurice

    Las travesuras llevan a Max a su habitacion castigado y sin cenar. Encerrado entre esas cuatro paredes, imagina un viaje fantastico al pais de los monstruos, donde se convertira en el rey. Un libro para aprender a domar monstruos (en este caso, de lo mas entranables y tiernos). Este clasico de la literatura infantil es ideal para los primeros lectores, quienes se veran identificados con Max, sus juegos, sus miedos, su mundo.

    This high-quality Spanish-language book can be enjoyed by fluent Spanish speakers as well as those learning the language, whether at home or in a classroom.

    Donde viven los monstruos tiene cincuenta años de publicación. Maurice Sendak ganador de la Medalla Caldecott por su libro de imágenes se ha convertido en uno de los libros infantiles más queridos y aclamados de todos los tiempos. Todo niño debe tener una copia.

    Las travesuras llevan a Max a su habitacion castigado y sin cenar. Encerrado entre esas cuatro paredes, imagina un viaje fantastico al país de los monstruos, donde se convertirá en el rey. Un libro para aprender a domar monstruos (en este caso, de lo más dulces y tiernos).

    Este clásico de la literatura infantil es ideal para los primeros lectores, quienes se veran identificados con Max, sus juegos, sus miedos y, su mundo.

    Este icónico historia ha inspirado una película, una ópera, y la imaginación de generaciones.

    Item No. 9780064434225