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A Home in the Barn
Brown, Margaret Wise

Goodnight Moon author Margaret Wise Brown's words are brought to beautiful life by Caldecott Medalist Jerry Pinkney. This must-have for every child's library is perfect for cozy wintertime readings.

"A glorious tribute to Brown's timeless classic." --Booklist...

Item No. 9780066237879
A Storm of Horses
Sanderson, Ruth
An inspiring picture book about Rosa Bonheur, the most famous female painter of her century, published to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the artist's birth

In a stunning ode to underrepresented women everywhere, award-winning illustrator Ruth Sanderson tells the untold story of...

Item No. 9781623718480
Arthur Dorros and Raul Colon

Sale! Was $7.99, Now $4.98!

Arthur Dorros's skillful blend of Spanish and English and Raúl Colón's poignant paintings illuminate how the special bond between an abuelo...

Item No. 54595746
Adrian Simcox Does Not Have a Horse
Campbell, Marcy
A classic in the making, this heartwarming story about empathy and imagination is one that families will treasure for years to come.

Adrian Simcox tells anyone who will listen that he has a horse--the best and most beautiful horse anywhere.

But Chloe does NOT believe him. Adrian...

Item No. 9780735230378
Postcard-Alice Bolam Preston Horse
Bolam Preston, Alice

Endpaper for The Little Man with One Shoe

Alice Bolam Preston (American, 1889-1958)

The Little Man with One Shoe, Little, Brown and Company, 1921

Postcard measures 6" x 4"

Item No. 26969523
Bill Pickett - Softcover
Pinkney, Andrea Davis
The true sweat-and-dirt tale of the feisty cowboy-child who became the most famous black rodeo performer who ever lived. Includes a note about the history of the black West and a bibliography.
Item No. 9780152021030
Billy & Blaze: A Boy and His Pony
Anderson, C W
Billy was a little boy who "loved horses more than anything else in the world." Imagine how happy he was when he got his very own pony for his birthday! From that day on, Billy was seldom seen without his new friend, Blaze.

Riding through fields and woods, Billy and Blaze learned to trust and...

Item No. 9780689716089
Black Beauty Horse & Book Set

Anna Sewell's classic horse tale, Black Beauty, has inspired generations, and is now is brought to you in a set with a beautiful 1:12 scale model of Black Beauty!

The book follows Black Beauty from his birthplace on a quiet farm, to life as a working horse in bustling 19th century...

Item No. 019756061784
Black Beauty Illustrated-RM
Sewell, Anna

Sale! Was $19.95, now only $10.98!

Black Beauty reveals what life was like...

Item No. 94306816
Black Cowboy, Wild Horses
Lester, Julius

Bob Lemmons is famous for his ability to track wild horses. He rides his horse, Warrior, picks up the trail of mustangs, then runs with them day and night until they accept his presence. Bob and Warrior must then challenge the stallion for leadership of the wild herd. A victorious Bob leads the...

Item No. 9780593406182
Blue Roan Brabrant (Freedom Series)

Native to Belgium, the Brabant is a large and powerful draft horse bred for farm work. The breed is best known for its strength and docile temperament, which makes them fantastic partners for farms, logging operations, and other drafting work.

Freedom Series | 1:12 Scale | Ages...

Item No. 019756010522
Calico the Wonder Horse
Burton, Virginia Lee
Way out west in Cactus county lived a horse named Calico. She wasn't very pretty, but she was smart and could run like greased lightning. When villain Stewy Stinker threatens to hold up Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, will Calico the Wonder Horse be able to save the day? This gift edition celebrates...
Item No. 9780547575728
Horse Chestnut Mini Flopsie

The very definition of adorable, Chestnut is part of the Mini Flopsies collection and offers the perfect way to add that adorable beauty to your plush collection From its little white patch on its forehead to the way that it sits so eloquently, Chestnut absolutely...

Item No. 16486
Cowgirl Kate - PB
Silverman, Erica
A Theodor Seuss Geisel Award Honor Book Hold on to your hats! Two new pals have arrived on the scene: Cowgirl Kate and her stubborn, but devoted cowhorse, Cocoa. Together they count the herd, ride the range, and, of course, argue till the cows come home--as only best friends can do...
Item No. 9780152056605
Cowgirl Kate/Horse-PB
Silverman, Erica

In this fifth book in the series, Cocoa nudges his way right into Cowgirl Kate's house. He pokes his head through every doorway and finally decides to live in the best stall of all--the kitchen. What's a cowgirl to do? Well, whether under one roof--or two--there's no doubt these buckaroos will...

Item No. 9780547316727
Crazy Horse's Vision
Bruchac, Joseph

Teacher's Choices, International Literacy Association (ILA)
Choices, Cooperative Children's Book Center (CCBC)

The true story of the great Sioux warrior who, as a young boy, defies tradition and seeks a vision on his own in hopes of saving his people.

Crazy Horse is...

Item No. 9781584302827
Doris - To Be Autographed 8/10
Jacoby, Sarah

Doris dances to her own tune in this whimsical and emotionally resonant tale about finding the courage to be yourself.

Doris has always reveled in the warmth of a spotlight.

Her whole life, she's danced the nights away,

With friends from the only home she's ever known...

Item No. 9781250829382
Doris - Autographed
Jacoby, Sarah

Doris dances to her own tune in this whimsical and emotionally resonant tale about finding the courage to be yourself.

Doris has always reveled in the...

Item No. AUTOSJ2
Drawing Horses
Sanderson, Ruth

Learn how to draw realistic horses with award-winning children's book illustrator Ruth Sanderson. This ninety-page book includes drawing lessons from photos featuring many different horse breeds and poses. Suggested for ages eight and up.

Item No. 9780967290232
Effortless Grace Horse & Foal Set (Freedom Series)

Horses have a graceful way of moving that appears truly effortless. Beautiful floaty gaits, arched necks with flowing manes, and the steady beat of hoofbeats create their own enchanting magic. This sweet Appaloosa mare and foal are a...

Item No. 019756622244
Sticker-Giddy Up
PipStickers are the PERFECT gift for the sticker lover in your life - even if it's you! These unique PVC designs with holographic gold foil accents come on a clear backing.


Item No. AS004445
Headless Horseman Rides Tonight
Prelutsky, Jack
Meet twelve creatures straight out of your worst nightmares. They're haunting. And hideous. And horrific. But the poems about them are tantalizing. And tremendous. And terrific. Read them anytime - as long as the sun is down and the moon is full.
Item No. 9780688117054
Horse Diaries: Black Cloud
Hermes, Patricia
Born in Northern Nevada in 1950, Black Cloud is a black-and-white mustang colt. He loves roaming free with the rest of his herd, playing with the other foals, and learning the ways of wild horses. But when humans intrude on this wandering life, Black Cloud's world is changed forever. Like Black...
Item No. 9780375868818
Horse Diaries:Elska
Catherine Hapka and Ruth Sanderson

Iceland, circa AD 1000

Elska is a silver dapple Icelandic filly. She spends summers frisking about the countryside and winters in the farmyard, where the girl human Amma takes special care of her. But when a powerful neighbor notices Elska, her contented life suddenly changes. Here...

Item No. 9780375847325
Horse Diaries #16 Penny
Whitney and Ruth Sanderson

For all lovers of horses and history! In the latest book in the Horse Diaries series, meet Penny, a blue-eyed palomino paint mare who grows up in the Wild West of California during the Gold Rush!

CALIFORNIA, 1850. Penny is a blue-eyed palomino paint mare with a taste for...

Item No. 9780525644781