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Independent Bookstore Day Exclusives

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Lowly Worm Plush
Scarry, Richard

An adorable plush toy of Richard Scarry's beloved Lowly Worm. Lowly stands nearly 8 inches tall from shoe to head. He comes complete in a dapper hat and bowtie. Pair the Lowly Worm Plush Toy with the...

Item No. 0819303003577
On My Way to the Bookstore Bodysuit 12M
Scarry, Richard

This short sleeved onesie features an original design of Richard Scarry's beloved Lowly Worm racing his way to his local bookstore. This bodysuit comes in verdant green and is a size 12 months. Pair this with the...

Item No. 9780593749135
Tote-IBD 2022
A 2022 Independent Bookstore Day Exclusive!
10 oz natural-color cotton canvas flat-cut bag with 9" natural handles.
The 2022 Independent Bookstore Day tote bag was designed by the American Booksellers Association’s very own Senior Graphic Designer, Melissa...
Item No. 85019682
M L Smoker and Natalia Peeterse
A 2022 Independent Bookstore Day Exclusive!
If Aiyana hears one more traditional Lakota story, she'll scream! More interested in her social media presence than her Native American heritage, Aiyana is shocked when she suddenly  finds herself in the magical Spirit...
Item No. 9781524121921