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Recommended Reading Lists

Kiss by Kiss/Ocetowina
Van Camp, Richard

One kiss, two kiss, three kiss, four! So many kisses and so many more.

From bestselling author Richard Van Camp comes a delightful counting book that honors families and can be used to praise your little ones as they learn to count. Ten kisses from your sweet...

Item No. 9781459816213
Labyrinth Lost
Córdova, Zoraida

The first book in the Latinx-infused Queer fantasy series from highly acclaimed author Zoraida Córdova that follows three sisters--and teen witches--as they develop their powers and battle magic through epic questing in the realms beyond.

Alex is a bruja and the most...

Item No. 9781492623168
Ladder to the Moon HB
Soetoro-Ng, Maya

From Maya Soetoro-Ng, sister of former President Barack Obama, comes a lyrical story relaying the loving wisdom of their late mother to a young granddaughter she never met.

Little Suhaila wishes she could have known her grandma, who would wrap her arms around the whole world...

Item No. 9780763645700
Ladder to the Moon (Paperback)
Soetoro-Ng, Maya
"A lush, haunting story that brings together a grandmother and her grandchild. . . . Soetoro-Ng, maternal half-sister of Barack Obama, has written this story of compassion as a tribute to their mother. --Booklist (starred review)

Little Suhaila wishes she could have known her...

Item No. 9780763693435
Last Night at the Telegraph Club
Lo, Malinda
Winner of the National Book Award
A New York Times Bestseller

The queer romance we've been waiting for."--Ms. Magazine

Seventeen-year-old Lily Hu can't remember exactly when the feeling took root--that desire to look, to move closer, to touch. Whenever it...
Item No. 9780525555278
Last Stop on Market Street
de la Peña, Matt
#1 New York Times Bestseller
A USA Today Bestseller
Winner of the Newbery Medal
A Caldecott Honor Book
A Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor Book

This award-winning modern classic--a must-have for every child's home...

Item No. 9780399257742
Menéndez, Juliet

Dream big with the Latinitas in Latinitas: Celebrating 40 Big Dreamers.

Discover how 40 influential Latinas became the women we celebrate today! In this collection of short biographies from all over Latin America and across the United States, Juliet Menéndez explores the...

Item No. 9781250234629
Laxmi's Mooch
Anand, Shelly
A joyful, body-positive picture book about a young Indian American girl's journey to accept her body hair and celebrate her heritage after being teased about her mustache.

Laxmi never paid much attention to the tiny hairs above her lip. But one day while playing farm animals at recess,...

Item No. 9781984815651
Layla's Happiness
Tallie, Mariahadessa Ekere

Affirmations of black childhood abound, and whimsical wishes float like dandelion fluff. Equally as imaginative as the lyrical text, Corrin's boldly colored, textured illustrations beautifully capture the buoyant spirit of Layla, a brown girl exuding confidence, comfortable in her own...

Item No. 9781592702886
Lend a Hand: Poems About Giving
Frank, John

A collection of original poems centered on giving and spontaneous acts of kindness, which also incorporate larger themes of community, intergenerational relationships, young mentors, and care for the environment.

Now in paperback!

The spread of warmth


Item No. 9781620148297
Let Me Fix You a Plate
Lilly, Elizabeth
Whether you're settling in for a heaping plate of banana pudding or arepas and tostones, a good meal can always bring families together.

Elizabeth Lilly's tale of a joyous road trip, drawn from her own experience, is illustrated with quirky charm that captures all the warmth and love of...

Item No. 9780823443253
Let the Children March
Clark-Robinson, Monica

This powerful picture book introduces young readers to a key event in the struggle for Civil Rights. Winner, Coretta Scott King Honor Award.

In 1963 Birmingham, Alabama, thousands of African American children volunteered to march for their rights after hearing Dr. Martin...

Item No. 9780544704527
Let's Celebrate Diwali
Joshi, Anjali

Harini is excited to share her Diwali story during circle time at school. She quickly learns that...

Item No. 9780692962831
Let's Do Everything and Nothing
Kuo, Julia

Let's Do Everything and Nothing is a lush and lyrical picture book from Julia Kuo celebrating special moments--big and small--shared with a child.

Will you climb a hill with me?
Dive into a lake with me?
Reach the starry sky with me,
and watch...

Item No. 9781250774347
Let's Talk About Race
Lester, Julius

This wonderful book should be a first choice for all collections and is strongly recommended as a springboard for discussions about differences." --School Library Journal (starred review)

In this acclaimed book, the author of the Newbery Honor Book To Be a...

Item No. 9780064462266
Like a Dandelion
Lee, Huy Voun

Like a Dandelion is a poetic tribute to the bravery of immigrants and refugees, inspired by the author's childhood experience of moving to the United States from Cambodia.

Like feathery seeds, a young girl and her mother take flight, putting down roots in an...

Item No. 9780062993731
Lilah Tov Good Night
Gundersheimer (Mister G), Ben
A soothing Hebrew lullaby takes on added meaning for a refugee family in this visually stunning debut.

As the moon rises, a family steps into the night on a journey toward a new beginning. Along the way, their little girl delights in the wonders of nature, saying good night--lilah...

Item No. 9781524740665
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Little Night Nochecita
Yuyi Morales

As the long day comes to an end, Mother Sky fills a tub with falling stars and calls, "Bath time for Little Night!"

Little Night answers from afar, "Can't come. I am hiding and you have to find me, Mama. Find me now!"

Where could Little Night be? Down a rabbit...

Item No. 9781250073242
Little You
Van Camp, Richard

Staff Pick

You are life and breath adored. You are us and so much more...

Richard Van Camp, internationally renowned storyteller and bestselling author of the hugely successful Welcome Song for Baby: A Lullaby for Newborns, has partnered with award-winning illustrator Julie...

Item No. 9781459802483
Garber, Romina

Garber's gorgeous novel combines the wonder of a Hogwarts-style magic school with the Twilight-esque dynamics of a hidden magical species that has strict rules about interacting with the human world. - BOOKLIST (Starred Review)

Some people ARE illegal.

Lobizonas do NOT exist....

Item No. 9781250239129
Lon Po Po
Young, Ed
This Caldecott Medal-winning, classic retelling of Little Red Riding Hood is one of the most celebrated picture books of our time.

With characteristic flair and energy, award-winning artist Ed Young illustrates the ancient Chinese version of the favorite fairy tale Little Red Riding...

Item No. 9780698113824
Look Up!
Jung, Jin-Ho
A nearly wordless story about compassion, friendship, and perspective.

High on a balcony, a girl watches the world-- passersby hurrying along, carrying umbrellas in the rain, riding bikes and walking dogs. She wishes that someone-- anyone!-- would look up and notice her. Finally, one...

Item No. 9780823440139
Looking for Bongo (Hardcover)
Velasquez, Eric
Where could Bongo be? Help a young boy find his beloved toy--and figure out how he got lost to begin with.

The boy knows Bongo was right there with him this morning--but suddenly, Bongo is missing. He asks his whole family if they've seen the stuffed toy. Yo no sé, says abuela, I don't...

Item No. 9780823435654
Looking for Bongo (Softcover)
Velasquez, Eric
Where could Bongo be? Help a young boy find his beloved toy--and figure out how he got lost to begin with.

The boy knows Bongo was right there with him this morning--but suddenly, Bongo is missing. He asks his whole family if they've seen the stuffed toy. Yo no sé, says abuela, I don't...

Item No. 9780823437672
Looking Out for Sarah
Lang, Glenna
In this story of friendship, loyalty, and trust, readers spend a day in the life of Sarah and her guide dog, Perry. Perry helps Sarah go shopping, to the post office, and take the train to school. Sarah, a blind musician and teacher, entertains the children and tells them about the time she and...
Item No. 9781570916076