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The Survivor Tree - Autographed
Colleen, Marcie

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This hopeful story of a resilient tree that grew (and still grows) at the base of the twin towers is a simple introduction for young readers to gain an understanding of September 11th and the impact it had on America.

One September day, the perfect blue sky exploded. Dust billowed. Buildings crumbled. And underneath it all, a tree sprouted green leaves in its distress. Pulled from the wreckage, the tree saw many seasons pass as it slowly recovered far away from home. Until one day, forever scarred and forever stronger, it was replanted at the 9/11 Memorial.

This story of the real Survivor Tree uses nature's cycle of colors to reflect on the hope and healing that come after a tragedy--and assures readers of their own remarkable resilience.

Item No. 9780316487672
This Very Tree (with Autographed Bookplate)
Rubin, Sean

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A deeply moving story about community and resilience, from the point-of-view of the Callery pear tree that survived the attacks on September 11, from Eisner Award-nominated author-illustrator Sean Rubin.

* A resonant, beautifully rendered testament to life and renewal. --Kirkus, starred review

In the 1970s, nestled between the newly completed Twin Towers in New York City, a Callery pear tree was planted. Over the years, the tree provided shade for people looking for a place to rest and a home for birds, along with the first blooms of spring.

On September 11, 2001, everything changed. The tree's home was destroyed, and it was buried under the rubble. But a month after tragedy struck, a shocking discovery was made at Ground Zero: the tree had survived.

Dubbed the "Survivor Tree," it was moved to the Bronx to recover. And in the thoughtful care of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, the Callery pear was nursed back to health. Almost a decade later, the Survivor Tree returned home and was planted in the 9/11 Memorial to provide beauty and comfort...and also hope.

This is the story of that tree--and of a nation in recovery. Told from the tree's perspective, This Very Treeis a touching tribute to first responders, the resilience of America, and the restorative power of community.

Item No. 9781250788504
The Longest Storm - Autographed
Yaccarino, Dan

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★"At once timely and timeless...." -- School Library Journal, STARRED

A new classic. -- Booklist, STARRED

★Emotionally nuanced, authentic .... clearly shows how connection and resilience can prevail in the face of any storm." -- Publishers Weekly, STARRED

★Splendid....Resonant and reassuring." -- Kirkus Reviews, STARRED

From acclaimed author-illustrator Dan Yaccarino comes a heartwarming family story that will resonate for everyone who's experienced the Covid-19 quarantine -- or other kinds of hardship and loss.

No one knew where the strange storm came from, or why it lasted so long. The family at the center of this timely story has to hunker down together, with no going outside - and that's hard when there's absolutely nothing to do, and everyone's getting on everyone else's nerves.

This classic in the making will lift hearts with its optimistic vision of a family figuring out how to love and support one another -- even when their everyday world is shrunk beyond recognition.

Item No. 9781662650475