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Art Activity & Art Instruction Books

Make Your Own Soap Jellies
Put a little wiggle into your shower routine! Everything you need to make up to 12 jellies comes in the box, including a custom mold with 6 fun shapes. Add color tablets and glitter to make each jiggling jelly your own.
Item No. 9781338321500
Making Books with Kids
Smith, Esther K

Spread the joy and craft of books in your family with Making Books with Kids. This inspiring collection features more than 25 creative, kid-friendly projects in design, illustration, paper decorating, binding techniques, and more.

Book artist and author Esther K. Smith offers...

Item No. 9781631590818
Making Handmade Books
Golden, Alisa
In the digital world, books may seem like an endangered species, but bookmaking is more popular than ever. Thanks to the 100 ideas in this volume, the craft is now available to everyone. In as little as an afternoon, beginners will be on their way to folding, gluing, and sewing handmade books in a...
Item No. 9781600595875
Maps Activity Book
Mizielinski, Daniel
Informative and imaginative activities for young explorers everywhere.

Following the best-selling Maps, the Mizielinskis return with a companion activity book. Bursting with fascinating facts and puzzles from around the world, this book offers hours of entertainment to young...

Item No. 9780763677718
Marker Workshop
Prood, Sasha
Take your drawing, doodling, or lettering to the next level and explore the incredibly diverse medium of fine-tip markers with this two-book set (an instruction book and corresponding workbook). Follow along as artist Sasha Prood teaches all the skills you'll need to create your own beautifully...
Item No. 9781419733529
Math Art and Drawing Games for Kids
Tripp, Karyn
In Math Art and Drawing Games for Kids, you'll find an amazing collection of more than 40 hands-on art activities that make learning about math fun!
  • Create fine art-inspired projects using math, including M. C. Escher's tessellations, Wassily Kandinski's abstractions...
  • Item No. 9781631597695
    product image
    Bruna, Dick
    Ever since Dick Bruna first created Miffy in 1955, she has endeared herself to generations of young children and become one of the best-loved children's characters of all time. In this charming new addition to the Miffy story, Miffy takes inspiration from a visit to an art gallery and decides to...
    Item No. 9781849765787
    My Fairy Library
    Open the box to go on an adventure into Fairyland and create a library of magical miniature books that you can really read!

    Cleverly disguised as a book on your shelf, My Fairy Library opens to reveal everything you need to create miniature volumes of your favorite fairy tales along with...

    Item No. 9781786274830
    Nature's Art Box
    Martin, Laura C
    Take your child's creativity outside! Laura C. Martin offers 65 art projects that kids can make with materials found right in their backyard. There's no limit to the imaginative possibilities as children mix paints from colorful flower blossoms, dig clay for molding elf-sized furniture, and craft...
    Item No. 9781580174909
    Origami Flowers Kit
    Alexander, Richard L
    Make beautiful and decorative paper flowers with this easy origami kit.

    World-renowned origami authors and artists Michael G. Lafosse and Richard L. Alexander present this new take on the origami art of flower folding. The flower projects range from simple to challenging. A variety of...

    Item No. 9780804843126
    Paint & Peel Jelly Stickers
    Make your own reusable stickers! Use custom jelly paint to trace sticker designs from penguins to rainbows, then simply let the paint dry. This kit comes with everything you need to make up to 60 reusable stickers and then decorate them with rhinestones and wiggly eyes. These stickers are perfect...
    Item No. 9781338702194
    Paint and Frame: Botanical Painting
    Boccaccini Meadows, Sara
    Learn to create precious watercolor paintings that you can paint and frame in just one day.

    Paint and Frame: Botanical Painting features 20 charming modern watercolor projects including florals, nature scenes, and more. With step-by-step instructions and watercolor paper...
    Item No. 9781631064982
    Paint by Sticker Dinosaurs
    Workman Publishing
    Create pictures of 10 awesome dinosaurs... with stickers!

    Step 1: Find the sticker
    Step 2: Peel the sticker
    Step 3: Place the sticker

    ...and watch your dinosaur painting come to life!

    Includes everything you need to create ten sticker paintings...

    Item No. 9781523511174
    Paint by Stickers: Unicorns & Magic
    Workman Publishing
    Paint a magical world with stickers (including glitter stickers)!

    Paint by Sticker Kids: Unicorns...

    Item No. 9780761193647
    Paper Zoo
    Sabini, Oscar
    This ingenious and charming activity book makes it possible for anybody, ages three and up, to create colorful animal collages. Young artists tear apart decorated sheets of patterned paper, either their own or those found in the back of the book, paste them onto blank cards, also provided, and then...
    Item No. 9781616894399
    Pencil Workshop
    Prood, Sasha

    Explore the creative possibilities of the artist’s most accessible tool—the pencil
    Never has the humble pencil—the most readily available and affordable of art supplies—produced such exciting and sophisticated effects. In Pencil Workshop, author and artist Sasha Prood brings a sense of experimentation and fun to sketching with graphite, colored, and watercolor pencils. Through 50 different experiments, you’ll learn traditional techniques like hatching, contouring, and stippling; develop your skills by creating compositions; and try out the unique effects that you can achieve with blenders and water-soluble pencils. This unique instruction book is structured so that you have space to do pencil test swatches and draw directly on the pages next to the author’s examples. Pencil Workshop provides everything you need to explore the limitless creative potential of this versatile medium!

    Explore the creative possibilities of the artist's most accessible tool--the pencil

    Never has the humble pencil--the most readily available and affordable of art supplies--produced such exciting and sophisticated effects. In Pencil Workshop, author and artist Sasha Prood brings a...

    Item No. 9781419741449
    Pierre the Maze Detective
    Kamigaki, Hiro
    Pierre the Maze Detective has a new case. Mr X has stolen the Maze Stone, which has the power to turn the whole of Opera City into a maze. Can you help Pierre and his friend Carmen find their way through the mazes - and stop Mr X before it's too late? This beautifully illustrated book features 15...
    Item No. 9781780675633
    Pierre the Maze Detective: Castle in the Sky

     Staff Pick

    A thrilling new maze challenge adventure for Pierre the Maze Detective and all detectives aged 8+. Follow Pierre and Carmen to Canal City for hours of puzzle fun in this crazy and colorful activity book!

    The waterways and streets of Canal City are brimming with people as crowds gather on...

    Item No. 9781786277404
    Pierre the Maze Detective: Mystery of the Empire Maze Tower
    Pierre and Carmen are called to New Maze City, along with others of the world's best Maze Detectives, to help solve the puzzles, protect the treasure and stop Mr. X. But can you help them make it in time?

    Mr. X the Phantom Thief is back, with a new evil plan! He wants to steal the shining light...

    Item No. 9781786270597
    Play, Make, Create
    Cherry, Meri
    Packed with joyful and educational art experiences for kids, Play, Make, Create offers fun and engaging imaginative activities focused on the fun and reward of creating, not just producing a final project.

    Founded in a process-based philosophy, this unique book...
    Item No. 9781631597169
    Press Out & Color: Flamingos
    Nosy Crow
    Each press-out design is intricately decorated with foil and perfect for all ages to decorate. Featuring twenty unique designs, the press-out pieces can be slotted together to create super cool three-dimensional ornaments or threaded together to make a hanging garland. From cool llamas, flamingos,...
    Item No. 9781536207071
    Press Out & Color: Unicorns
    Nosy Crow
    Each press-out design is intricately decorated with turquoise foil and perfect for all ages to decorate. Featuring twenty unique designs, the press-out pieces can be slotted together to create super-cool three-dimensional ornaments or threaded together to make a hanging garland. From cool llamas to...
    Item No. 9781536207088
    Press Out Dragons
    Hawcock, David
    Four easy-to-assemble figures of ferocious dragons will captivate young imaginations. Fold-out pages allow kids to punch out each of the models while leaving the rest of the book intact. Simple, colorfully illustrated text recounts dragon legends and lore, from the creatures' preference for...
    Item No. 9780486825045
    Press Out Flying Birds
    Merrill, Richard
    These realistic, full-color paper bird models could not be easier to make -- and they really fly! Simply press along the perforations, fold according to the instructions, add a penny or a dime for weight, then send them skyward in long, straight glides or looping swoops. All of the birds feature...
    Item No. 9780486808444
    Press Out Flying Butterflies
    Merrill, Richard
    They're about three times bigger than their real-life equivalents, but these dramatic renderings of butterflies are scrupulously accurate--and they really fly! Just press out along the perforations, follow simple folding instructions, add a coin for weight, and send them soaring. All of them...
    Item No. 9780486823997