Art Kits & Supplies

Caterpillar Crayons

Set of 4 Eric Carle Very Hungry Caterpillar-themed crayons in an adorable mini box. Safe and non-toxic. Makes great party favors or classroom gifts!

Item No. 13733710
7-Color Washable Ink Stamp Pad

Stamp pad featuring 7 colors of washable ink. A plastic divider separates six bright colors from a jumbo black ink stamp pad and keeps colors fresh and true. Washable for easy clean up. Measures 6.5" x 5".

Item No. EL10415J
AquaFlo Water Brushes (Set of 3)

Set of 3 refillable water brushes. Brush heads are removable so water, liquid watercolor, or other fluids can be placed inside the handle. Give a gentle squeeze and the product comes out into the hair for easy brushing without the need to dip in water or color. Ideal for watercolor pencils, dry watercolor, and tempera cakes. Contains one each of three size brush heads. 

Item No. 9733210
Blank Book 6"x 8" Landscape

Write and illustrate your own book, document a special event, or create a journal! Bright white, 80-lb. paper is ideal for crayons, markers, pencils, and other art materials. Plain, matte hardcover is ready to be decorated. 28 pages each (14 double-sided sheets).

Item No. 9739279
Blank Comic Book
Create your own comic book!
  • Get creative within these 64 paneled pages!
  • Blank book comes with a stencil sheet with speech bubbles and visual effects, so you can make your comics pop!
  • Plus: The book jacket comes off and the book has a blank cover, so you can even design, draw, and ink in your own cover design!
  • 7 layouts throughout the book provide visual variety.
  • Premium thick drawing paper supports a variety of pens and pencils.
  • Best with pencil, ink, colored pencil, and other dry media.
  • 64 pages.
  • For artists of all ages.
  • Blank book measures 8-1/2'' wide x 11'' high.
  • Softcover.
  • Archival/acid-free paper.
  • Item No. 9781441332929
    Blank Jigsaw Puzzle (16 pc)

    This 16-piece blank jigsaw puzzle measures 4" x 5.5" and is the perfect size to slip in an envelope. Draw a picture or write a message and send it to a loved one. Encourage a child to create a piece of art and then enjoy doing the 16-piece puzzle together. Blank puzzle surface is ideal for crayons, pens, watercolors, felt-tip markers, or paint.

    Item No. 9709835
    Brilliant Bee Beeswax Crayons

    Bright, vivid and triangular shaped crayons; Natural Beeswax Crayons have it all. Comes straight from nature and formed as easy-to-use and perfectly functional crayons. The colors lay smoothly on paper; black paper too, and are both thick and triangular shaped for a great ergonomic fit. Roll away crayons are a thing of the past. Each set comes with 24 crayons in a beautiful reusable case. Nontoxic.

    • 24 Colors
    • Made from Real Beeswax
    • Triangular Ergonomic Shape
    • Writes on Black Paper
    • Reusable Case
    • Nontoxic
    Item No. 133-50
    Brilliant Beeswax 12 Crayons

    Let your coloring art stand out with Brilliant Bee crayons. This cute crayon set comes with triangle crayons that have a great ergonomic fit and won’t roll away. The crayon colors lay smoothly on paper and are a delight to color with. Brilliant Bee crayons color on black paper too.

    • Extremely smooth and vibrant colors
    • Set of 12
    • Triangle barrel will not roll away
    • Suitable for ages 3 and up

    Item No. 133-093
    Brilliant Brush Markers (Set of 12)
    Brilliant Brush Markers (Set of 12)

    Beautifully broad strokes or finely detailed lines; the choice is yours with this set of soft brush tip markers that will elevate your marker art like none other. The Brilliant Brush markers set is like painting in vibrant colors with a marker with it’s long, felt brush tip that gives you ultimate control of your marker art and hand lettering projects.

    Item No. 130-068
    Cat Parade Watercolor Gel Crayons

    Kitten face cuteness makes these gel crayons an attention-getter. 12 bright twist-up gel crayons are topped with a variety of charming cat expressions making the Cat Parade Gel Crayons purr-fect. Add water and a paintbrush to create watercolor effects on your coloring too.

    • Twist-up barrels
    • Smooth coloring
    • Water soluble
    • Add Water with paintbrush for watercolor effect
    • Suitable for ages 3 and up
    Item No. 133-098
    Chroma Blends Neon Watercolor Set

    Get fun and futurist with your next watercolor project using the Neon Chroma Blends Watercolor Paint Set! With 12 fun and inspiring colors and the included brush you have everything you need to make a stand-out bright and cheerful painting! Mix and blend each color to make more colors than a rainbow; plus these amazing watercolor paints work on darker paper too, even black! With so much potential, getting creative with arts and crafts has never been so easy! These fun-filled paints come in a travel-friendly case with a cover that doubles as a paint palette. All you need is a splash of water, some Chroma Blends watercolor paper and your imagination!

    • Watercolor paint set with 12 blendable neon watercolors - make your art projects stand-out and shine
    • Brush Included - ready to go right out of the box
    • Bright enough to work on black paper, too!
    • Cover doubles as a paint palette
    • Suitable for Ages 6 and Up
    Item No. 126-009
    Chroma Blends Pearlescent Watercolor Set

    Giving watercolor projects a fresh shine and shimmer is now easier than ever. With this watercolor paint set of 12 blendable pearlescent colors, you can make up an infinite amount of new colors on the spot, each with a fun metallic sheen. All you need is a splash of water, some Chroma Blends watercolor paper, and your imagination!

    Item No. 126-011
    Chroma Blends Travel Watercolor Palette

    Take your watercoloring projects on the go with the Chroma Blends Travel Watercolor Palette. This travel size watercolor set comes complete with 24 watercolors, two water brushes and a built in watercolor palette that closes into a travel sized watercolor set measuring at 4 by 7 inches. Best of all Chroma Blends watercolor palette set comes with 2 water brushes so there’s no need to carry around cups of water. The water is right in the barrel of each water brush. One water brush has a round tip and the other has a flat tip so you can try all sorts of watercoloring techniques. The watercolor palette has lots of room for you to mix, match and blend any of the 24 water colors with several partitions in the palette.

    Item No. 126-010
    Chroma Blends Watercolor Brush Markers

    Watercoloring will never be the same with Chroma Blends Watercolor Markers. This beautiful 18 piece set features a colorful array of watercolor markers with brush tips. Just add water for amazing watercoloring. Watercolor makers work a lot like watercolor brushes. Try out different techniques like adding water directly to the watercolor marker for a traditional watercolor effect. You can also try adding water to your paper first and then start painting with the watercolor marker for an incredibly organic look. Chroma Blends Watercolor Markers work just like brush markers too when you don’t use any water at all. And when you look real close the Chroma Blends brush tips are actually made with synthetic bristles or a true watercolor brush feel.

    Item No. 130-057
    Chunkies Paint Sticks (Set of 24)

    With Chunkies Paint Sticks, you can create colorful paintings without any mess. That's because the paint is encased inside a plastic barrel. Just twist up the paint stick and start painting! The Chunkies Paint Sticks Variety Pack has 24 colored paints. There's 12 classic paint colors, 6 metallic paint colors and 6 neon paint colors in one set. That's a lot of colorful paint! Chunkies makes for a great paint set for kids because the barrels are thick and are just the right size for little hands. Also the paint is quick drying and dries instantly when you lay it on paper so there's no mess at all. Chunkies Paint Sticks don't require any brush or water at all, just colorfully clean painting. Suitable for ages 3 and up.

    Item No. 126-008
    Chunkies Paint Sticks (Set of 6)
    Chunkies Paint Sticks (Set of 6)

    When you want to paint colorful pictures but want to leave the mess behind then it's time to reach for Chunkies Paint Sticks. Chunkies are super easy to use, clean and portable because they're like painting with a crayon. Just uncap, twist and start painting. Chunkies comes in a set of 6 different colored paint sticks each in a thick barreled casing so they're easy for little hands to hold. The paint colors are quick drying and won't smudge, but it's easy to mix colors to make even more colors. It's magic! Care and use recommendations: Keep capped when not in use, to help prevent drying. Cover and protect your workspace. This product may stain some surfaces.

    • Kids Paint Stick Set
    • 6 Colored Paint Sticks - enjoy painting with 6 classic colors
    • No Brush or Water Needed
    • Quick Drying Paint - less chance for mess - easy to use
    • Suitable for Ages 3 and Up
    Item No. 126-013
    Chunkies Paint Sticks Metallic (Set of 6)

    Bring on the sparkle with Chunkies Metallic Paint Sticks in a travel-friendly pack of 6! These lustrous metallic paint sticks are easy to hold and come in 6 satiny metallic quick drying colors. You twist up the barrels for long-lasting, mess-free fun that kids and adults alike will love.

    Item No. 126-015
    Color Appeel Peelable Crayon Sticks
    • Crayon sticks with fun peel-to-reveal action
    • No sharpener needed
    • Pull string and peel to expose crayon
    • Set of 12 non toxic crayon sticks
    • Bright rainbow colors
    Item No. 133-55
    Color Lustre Brush Markers (Set of 10 Metallic Colors)
    Color Lustre Brush Markers (Set of 10 Metallic Colors)

    Color Lustre Metallic Brush Markers are the go-to metallic brush marker for adding pizzazz to any of your projects. 10 bright shimmering metallic colors with brush tip nibs allow you a  wide range of creative applications!

    Item No. 130-064
    Color Luxe Gel Pens

    Combining the smooth gel experience of a gel pen with the precision of a fine point pen and you’ve got yourself the perfect combination for precise penmanship. Color Luxe Fine Tip Gel Pens provide everything you love about gel pens; the sleek and smooth lay of gel ink makes writing and drawing a pleasure. And with a 0.7mm point tip Color Luxe Pens are great for the tiny details in handwriting. You can make your notes really small for more condensed note taking. Color Luxe comes in a set of 12 brilliant colored gel ink pens which are great for colored note-taking and fantastic for detailed gel pen art.

    • Fine Tip Pens with Gel Ink
    • 0.7mm Point
    • Set of 12 Colors
    Item No. 132-039
    Pencils-Crayola Colors of the World Skin Tone

    Set of 24-colored pencils represent a diverse array of skin tones. 

    Item No. NE20083
    Crayons-Crayola Colors of the World Skin Tone

    Set of 24-colored crayons represent a diverse array of skin tones.

    Item No. NE20082
    Crayola Jumbo Crayons

    These large-sized crayons are made just for little ones to hold easily. Features one each of 8 classic colors. Crayons measure approximately 5" x 9/16"

    Item No. 9727425
    Crayons-Crayola (16)
    Item No. 9700787
    Creatibles Air Dry Clay

    The Creatibles Air Dry Clay Kit is a complete sculpting kit with super soft clay to make it easy to create fun characters, rainbows or anything your heart desires. The 12 colors of clay come packed in 3 tubs, we suggest keep the lids on when not in use. Feel free to mix the air dry clay to mold into different colors. Use the 3 plastic tools to add dimensions and shapes to your art projects. Simply air dry to set the clay. When your sculpture has dried you can enhance it more with paint or colorful markers.

    • Air dry clay kit
    • 12 colors of super soft and pliable clay
    • 3 plastic shaping tools
    • 3 holding Tubs with lids - keep tightly sealed when not in use
    • Adult supervision suggested
    • Suitable for ages 6 and up
    Item No. 161-049