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Metallic Colored Pencils - 12

Set of 12 metallic colored pencils, with wooden barrels in standard size and hexagonal shape. These pencils feature vivid colors with highly metallic pigments and a special bonding process to make them break resistant. Works great on dark paper!
Item No. 7891360418597
Metallic Gel Sticks-6

These Faber Castell gel stucks are unique, multi-purpose art crayons that allowsyou to watercolor, layer, blend and color. The twistable crayon design includes 6 pigment packed colors (Red, Gold, Green, Blue, Purple and Silver) and can be used with dry coloring and blending techniques or as a...

Item No. 92633703106
Micro Line Pen Set
Achieve controlled, consistent, fluid lines for drawing, writing, illustration, and crafting! Archival-quality black pigment ink. Waterproof. Fade-proof. No bleed-through. Packaged in reusable storage case. 6 micro-line pens (sizes: 005, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05). Archival-quality black pigment ink.
Item No. 9781441314826
Mini Colored Pencils

12 mini pre-sharpened pencils with its own stoarage container - pencil sharpener built into lid!

Makes an excellent party favor!

Item No. 049392048634
Mini Markers

10 brightly colored markers for creating all kinds of colorful designs. Miniature size is perfect for packing into backpacks.

Makes an excellent party favor!

Item No. 049392049808
No-Spill Paint Cups

As seen in The Carle Art Studio!

8-oz. paint cup measures 3-1/2" high and includes an inner safety lid with brush rest and flip-top lid. Sold individually, assorted colors.

Item No. SB28163
Oh My Glitter Gel Pens

  Staff Pick

Make your writing stand out with a bit of sparkle...

Item No. 132-130
Stamp - Paint Effects

Single stamp featuring assorted textures. Dip into paint or onto a stamp pad, these unique stamps will provide intriguing, eye-catching specail effects on your artwork. The easy-to-use stamp comes with a convenient, built-in plastic handle. Each pattern area measures approximately 2-3/8" x 2-3/8...

Item No. X6773
Paint Pipette

One paint pipette. Squeeze and drop paint with precision using this exciting tool. Encourage kids to experiment! 6" long. Age 4 and up.

Item No. X7878
Pastel Hues Colored Pencils (Set of 12)

Create soft and dreamy art with the Pastel Hues Colored Pencils. These 12 subdued toned colored pencils allow you to color with Springtime type color. Make your artwork stand out but in a subtle way with smooth delicate colors.

Item No. 128-158
Pastel Hues Colored Pencils (Set of 24)

Beautifully toned Pastel Hues Colored Pencils will bring a new look to your artwork, planner or any project. With a wide range of pastel color options this 24 piece set will make your project stand out in a soft...

Item No. 128-159
Pastel Hues Dual Tip Markers

This set of 12 pastel markers not only features a gorgeous range of soft pastel colors - including purples, blues, and greens - each marker also features a dual tip! One end of every marker has a fine point for detail work, while the other end has a bold chisel point for creating thicker lines....

Item No. 81007803958
Picture Writer DVD: The Art of the Picture Book

An ALA 2012 Notable Children's Video
Eric Carle fans, readers and artists of all ages will thrill to watch The Art of the Picture Book, a new film about the artist's life and creative process. This intimate portrait lets every viewer into Eric...

Item No. 9780545722957
Rainbow Jumbo Eraser

Love rainbows? Who doesn’t? Then the Rainbow Buddy Scented Jumbo Eraser is for you! A big eraser that will get the work done but look just as cute sitting on your desk.

Item No. 810078036814
Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Markers (Set of 15)
Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Markers (Set of 15)

Make your own sparkly fun with this shimmering set of 15 Rainbow Sparkle Glitter...

Item No. 130-113
Rainbow Sparkle Metallic Watercolor Gel Crayons

Create bold strokes of color and watch them magically change when you add water. Rainbow Sparkle Gel Crayons are made with a solidified gel that makes bolder and smoother strokes than normal crayons. Add a wet paintbrush...

Item No. 133-57
Rainy Dayz Gel Crayons

Make your windows, mirrors and glass surfaces works of art. Rainy Dayz Gel Crayons draws vibrant and bold colors on glass surfaces... and paper too. And for an extra special touch use a wet paintbrush to add amazing...

Item No. 133-48
Sargent Art Supreme Watercolors

This set of 16 round, brilliantly colored watercolor cakes are manufactured with pure, finely ground pigments that offer opacity and can be easily mixed. Brush included.

Item No. 9737151
Scratch & Shine: Celestial Skies

Scratch art that’s written in the stars

This scratch art kit isn’t just a fun activity, it’s a work of luxurious art! Designed with either silver or gold foil, each one is on a bright colored...

Item No. 810104680042
Soft Grip Brushes 4-pack

  Staff Pick

See your child's arts and crafts projects come to life with the absolute...

Item No. 4005401816003
Stamp Garden
Bickford-Smith, Coralie

Grow your own garden with this set of high-quality rubber stamps and two colored ink pads. The sturdy matchbox-style box features twenty-five wood-backed stamps in an assortment of shapes and textures, from leaves and stems to buds and petals--even a bee! A verdant kit of parts, Stamp Garden...
Item No. 9781616896805
Strathmore Drawing Art Pad

Heavyweight white drawing paper for professional-looking drawings and sketches. Ideal for final artwork composed of pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, or markers. Tape bound. Acid free. Made in the U.S.A. Measures 9" x 12", 70 lb paper.

Item No. 10249
Strathmore Watercolor Art Pad

This true felt-finish white watercolor paper has a cold press surface and is excellent for water-based median including watercolor, tempera, acrylic, gouache, or poster paint. Tape bound. Acid free. Made in the U.S.A. Measures 9" x 12", 90 lb paper.

Item No. X7940
Switcheroo Color Changing Markers

Color a magnificent masterpiece and then switch it up with totally unexpected changes in color with the Switcheroo Color Changing Markers. Each marker has two sides, one for regular color and the other for a mystery color change. After you draw with the regular marker just apply the switcheroo...

Item No. 130-072
The Li'l Paint Brush Set

Every creative artist needs to have brushes as part of their tool set for their artistic endeavors. The lil Paint Brush Set makes a great all-in-one set with 7 paintbrushes of different sizes and styles including...

Item No. 126-005