Animal Finger Puppets

Shark Finger Puppet

Solitary playtime is made more fun when kids can imagine the seas they'll swim with the Folkmanis Shark finger puppet. Measures 8" long.

Item No. 2777
Skunk finger puppet

Raise a stink with this Skunk finger puppet! Or simply sit quietly and play. You see, the less alarming you are to him, the less alarming he'll be to your nose. Scent glands not included.

Item No. 2647
Snake Finger Puppet

The extraordinary Folkmanis snake finger puppet is coiled and ready for nature exploration. Measures 5" long coiled.

Item No. 2783
Spider Finger Puppet
Item No. 2754
Sting Ray Finger Puppet

Swim the seas of your imagination anytime with the cute and colorful Mini Ray finger puppet.

Item No. 2773
Turtle Finger Puppet
Item No. 2732
Winged Pig Finger Puppet
Item No. 2685