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A Child's Calendar - Softcover

A Child's Calendar - Softcover
Newly available in paperback, this 20th anniversary edition of a Caldecott Honor classic combines the star power of John Updike and Trina Schart Hyman.

Celebrate the little moments that make each month special in this beautiful picture book featuring twelve poems about a family and the turn of the seasons. From the short, frozen days of January, through the light of summer, to the first snowflakes of December, Updike's poems rejoices in the familiar, wondrous qualities that make each part of the year unique.

Hyman's award-winning paintings--modeled after her own daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren--depict an interracial family going about the business of their lives throughout the year: sledding in January, watching fireworks in July, and playing in the autumn leaves. Bold and colorful, they're filled with the intricate detail for which her art is famous-- including cameo appearances by the artist and her partner, Jean Aull.

Featuring a redesigned cover, the 20th Anniversary Edition of this inclusive Caldecott Honor book is a beautiful read-aloud to treasure throughout the year, with family and friends.