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Dutch Treats Exhibition Catalog

Dutch Treats Exhibition Catalog

From the exhibition Dutch Treats: Contemporary Illustration from The Netherlands, March 28, 2006 - June 25, 2006.

By Truusje Vrooland-Löb
Illustrated by Fiep Westendorp, Dick Bruna, Max Velthuijs, Friso Henstra, Jan Jutte, Sylvia Weve, Ceseli Josephus Jitta, Yvonne Jagtenberg, Hans de Beer, Dieter and Ingrid Schubert, Thé Tjong-Khing, Annemarie Van Haeringen, Philip Hopman

"Baker's Dozen: A Delectable Offering of Dutch Illustration" by Truusje Vrooland-Löb.
Catalog design by Rita Marshall.
19 Illustrations, Paper, 32 pages.
1,000 copies, First Edition.

From "Acknowledgments" by H. Nichols B. Clark:
"Dutch art - especially the Golden Age of Rembrandt and Vermeer - has held great appeal to Americans since the early 19th century. Americans, like the 17th century Dutch, were concerned with forging a national identity. Landscape, portraiture, genre, and still-life helped achieve this goal visually. Each of these artistic objectives was steeped in narrative, and viewers became attuned to reading stories visually."