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A Gift From Abuela (Spanish Edition)

Gift for Abuela SPAN

In her first book for children, Cecilia Ruiz illuminates how things can change--and the importance of holding on to our dearest relationships when they do.

The first time Abuela holds Niña, her heart overflows with tenderness. And as Niña grows up, she and Abuela spend plenty of time together. Abuela can't help thinking how much she'd like to give Niña a very special treat, so she saves a little bit of her money every week--a few pesos here, a few pesos there. When the world turns upside down, Abuela's dream of a surprise for Niña seems impossible. Luckily, time spent together--and the love Abuela and Niña have for each other--could turn out to be the very best gift of all. With a soft and subtle hand, author-illustrator Cecilia Ruiz draws from her own history to share a deeply personal tale about remembering what's most important when life starts to get in the way.