H.A. Rey Treasury

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H.A. Rey Treasury
Rey, Margaret

"I totally fell in love with this book. I've read the Curious George books hundreds of times, but I've never seen any of these. They're fun and have cheerful, silly illustrations that the kids will love. Everyone should read this one!" -- St. Francis (Pius X Library) Elementary School
From the author of the Curious George series comes this collection of four humorous and marvelously illustrated stories:
Tit for Tat concerns kindness to animals and portrays a place where horses ride in carriages drawn by men and women, fish catch humans, cows lasso cowboys, and dogs walk people.
Elizabite: Adventures of a Carnivorous Plant uses rhyming couplets to recount the humorous antics of a hungry plant in a botanist's laboratory.
Billy's Picture, a tale of art and individualism, tells of Billy the Bunny's attempts to paint a picture. Each of his friends has a different idea about how it should look ― and they all want to help. (co-written with Margret Rey)
Zebrology offers a wordless celebration of the common ground that lies beneath appearances.