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Hello Autumn (Hardcover)

Hello Autumn
Green leaves are turning colors. . . . Maple seeds twirl to the ground. . . . Animals get ready for the cold days ahead.

A simple text and vivid photographs show children the changes in animals, plants, and landscapes that occur during fall. Leaves change, animals prepare for winter, and people celebrate autumn holidays as the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter.

Suitable for young readers, the simple text introduces a number of important concepts-- such as hibernation, migration, and seed dispersal-- in clear terms, without too much detail. For older readers, a brief author's note at the end expands on several concepts.

Shelley Rotner's energetic photographs of diverse children add vitality and warmth to this celebration of the season, capturing the brilliance of the autumn sky, the saturation of autumn leaves, and the joy of kids interacting with the natural world.

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