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The Honeybee & The Robber - GERMAN

Honeybee & Robber GERMAN

die biene hat den ganzen Tag Nektar gesammelt. Als sie zu ihrem Bienenstock zuruckkehrt, kommt ein Bar und will Honig rauben. Aber die Biene und ihre Schwestern wissen sich zu helfen!
Eric Carle's Pop-Up buch mit vielen beweglichen Teilen zum Spielen verrat schon den Kleinsten viel Wissenswertes aus dem Leben der Honigbiene.

Follow an adventurous honeybee as she goes about her busy day, sipping nectar from flowers, avoiding hungry birds and playing with butterflies. But when a robber bear comes looking for honey, all the bees must rush out to defend their home. This classic Eric Carle story is brought to life by movable pull-tabs that children can use to animate the action, as well as a beautiful pop-up butterfly. Available again for the first time in years, The Honeybee and the Robber will delight both longtime fans and first-time readers.