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Look Up!
A nearly wordless story about compassion, friendship, and perspective.

High on a balcony, a girl watches the world-- passersby hurrying along, carrying umbrellas in the rain, riding bikes and walking dogs. She wishes that someone-- anyone!-- would look up and notice her. Finally, one day, a boy does. Realizing she can't see anything but the tops of people's heads, he lays flat on the pavement. . . and then another person does. . . . and another. The girl smiles, and color begins to brighten her gray world-- as does her newfound friendship.

With spare, simple text and striking black-and-white illustrations depicting the girl's bird's-eye-view of the world, Look Up! is a striking, emotional story about the incredible impact of simple kindnesses and the unexpected joy of looking at the world a new way.

A Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year