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Looking for Bongo (Hardcover)

Looking for Bongo (Hardcover)
Where could Bongo be? Help a young boy find his beloved toy--and figure out how he got lost to begin with.

The boy knows Bongo was right there with him this morning--but suddenly, Bongo is missing. He asks his whole family if they've seen the stuffed toy. Yo no sé, says abuela, I don't know.

Mom and Dad haven't seen him either. And Gato just meows and runs away.

When he finds Bongo, the boy is thrilled--but he still doesn't understand how his toy ended up there. So he sets a trap to catch the Bongo thief. . . .

Eric Velasquez's detailed, expressive illustrations follow the boy's investigation throughout his home, giving a glimpse at a warm, multi-generational family.

A Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year