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Lucky Me

Bruno's home is a bit different, but he wouldn't trade it for the world.

Bruno's friend Sanjay is lucky: He doesn't have to share his room (well, except with a pet iguana), and he can leave his toy soldiers all over the house. And Bruno's brother, Mateo, who is visually impaired, is pretty lucky too: He has a dog named Rocco who helps him get around. Plus, Mateo can keep reading after dark by using just his fingers (while Bruno has to use a flashlight).

Still, Bruno has it pretty good. He can leave his bed a total mess. He can play dinosaurs with Sanjay and his iguana. And he can listen to Mateo's made-up adventure stories (Mateo is a great storyteller). If he had to compare, he'd say he was the luckiest of all to have such a great friend and great brother.