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Margaret Wise Brown Exhibition Catalog

Margaret Wise Brown Exhibition Catalog

From the exhibition The Picture Book Made New: Margaret Wise Brown and Her Illustrators, March 29, 2005 - July 10, 2005.

By Leonard S. Marcus
Illustrated by Clement Hurd, Leonard Weisgard, Esphyr Slobodkina, Wanda Gag, Jean Charlot, Garth Williams, Barbara Cooney, Marc Simont, Ylla

"The Picture Book Made New" by Leonard S. Marcus.
Catalog Design by Rita Marshall.
25 Illustrations, Paper, 32 pages.
1,000 copies, First Edition.

From "Acknowledgments," by H. Nichols B. Clark:
"Margaret Wise Brown launched her writing career at a time when a rejection of the fanciful and romantic in children's literature was reinforced by a belief that the genre should reflect a new reality embodied in the ascendant urban and industrial society of America. Consequently, a significant aspect of Brown's literary output was grounded in the "here and now," and she gravitated to artists who shard similar modernist tendencies. To be sure, many of her stories were rooted in the imaginary, and a good fit between narrative and image was always paramount."