Me and Mr. Fluffernutter

Me and Mr. Fluffernutter
Me and Mr. Fluffernutter
Gray Olson, Jennifer
From the creator of Ninja Bunny comes a new story about a little girl and her beloved cat, who learn that friendship is the best compromise of all.

A little girl and her cat, Mr. Fluffernutter, are best friends. They do everything together, all the time. But what happens when Mia wants to have a tea party, and play dress-up, and go for a swim? And when Mr. Fluffernutter prefers to stare at the fish bowl? And stare at the fish bowl some more. . . . Can these two be so different--and still be best friends?

Here are two new characters to fall in love with--and a celebration of differences, compromise, and friendship.

Praise for Ninja Bunny:

"Sweetly humorous fun." --Publishers Weekly

"Gorgeous illustrations add a level of humor and whimsy. . . . Ninja Bunny is sure to delight young warriors of all stripes." --New York Journal of Books

"Marvelous simplicity."

"Funny and full of motion." --Kirkus Reviews