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Memory Jars (with Autographed Bookplate)

Memory Jar

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Memory Jars is a perfect gift for graduation! A book about saving your favorite memories and keeping them close forever, from Vera Brosgol, creator of the Caldecott Honor book Leave Me Alone!

Freda is devastated when she can't eat all the delicious blueberries she's picked. She has to wait a whole year before they're back, and she doesn't want to lose them! Then Gran reminds her that they can save blueberries in a jar, as jam. So Freda begins to save all her favorite things. But it turns out that saving everything also means she can't enjoy anything, and Freda realizes that some things are best saved as memories.

Memory Jars playfully encourages children to savor life's ephemeral and enduring moments in funny and engaging ways. An ideal read aloud for those mourning a loved one, for teachers celebrating the end of the school year with students, or any time a child's "frustrated by a good thing being over too soon." -Booklist, starred review

"A lovably quirky girl takes "preserving" to a whole new level. Add Brosgol's signature big-eyed characters, a touch of dark humor and a mouthwatering jam recipe, and you've got all the ingredients for a sequel." -The New York Times

A Booklist Editors' Choice Winner