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Miz Berlin Walks

Miz Berlin Walks - To Be Autographed

Powerhouses Jane Yolen and Floyd Cooper come together to tell this heartwarming story of an unexpected friendship.

Every evening, old as she is, Miz Berlin walks down the long block, past Mary Louise's house, talking to herself. One day Mary Louise catches up to Miz Berlin and walks with her. She is spellbound by the stories the old woman tells: block-long stories and two-day stories about how she caught crawdaddies the day the sky rained feathers, or about the day the flood rose right to her front door. Now every evening, Mary Louise walks with Miz Berlin, then runs on home, stuffed full of her own stories to tell.

This poignant book conveys through simple words the power of stories to build bridges between two very different people.--Booklist

Yolen is pitch-perfect in her delivery of this tender tale.--Publishers Weekly