Munari's Books

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Munari's Books
Maffei, Giorgio
One of the greatest graphic designers of the twentieth century called by Picasso "the Leonardo of our time" Italian artist and designer Bruno Munari (1907 1998) considered the book the best medium to communicate his visual ideas, showcase his art, and convey his creative spirit. Primarily produced in large quantities for the general public, his more-than-sixty publications from design manuals and manifestos to visionary tactile children's books displayed all the beauty and technical ingenuity of works of art.
Munari's Books, the first English-language monograph to focus on his remarkable achievements in publishing, examines in detail his seventy-year legacy in print, from his pioneering work as a graphic designer and collaborations with major publishers to his experimental visual projects and innovative contributions to the fields of painting, sculpture, design, photography, and teaching. Featuring critical essays and a wealth of color illustrations, this long-overdue monograph is a visually rich introduction to Munari's remarkably multifaceted career."