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My Neighborhood

My Neighborhood

Every morning, Ms. Marta goes out to check that the world is how it should be: her friends sitting on a terrace playing cards, the beach where it always is, children playing in the playground.

With illustrations full of color and colorful characters, My Neighborhood, shows the reader the world through the eyes of elderly Ms. Marta and demonstrates the wonder of diversity that surrounds us throughout our lives. The poignant message is balanced with simple text and detail-rich, illustrations full of comical visual surprises. The artwork combines watercolors, and photo-transfer collage, for a fun medley of people and faces in the neighborhood--visiting the school, beach, hair salon, clinic, and more.

My Neighborhood is a celebration of community that highlights the beauty of its everyday rhythms and routines, as well as offering a heartwarming meditation on what it means to grow old when surrounded by loving friends and neighbors.

About the Publisher

Tapioca Stories, a New York-based publishing house with Latin American soul, introduces young English readers to the finest Latin American children's books, originally written in Spanish and Portuguese.