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New Kid Sketchbook
Turn your life into the stuff of cartoons with this drawing sketchbook inspired by the protagonist of the bestselling, award-winning graphic novel New Kid, Jordan Banks.

Jordan Banks, the New Kid, loves to draw. That's why he always has his sketchbook with him--in case he sees something cool or has a good idea he wants to remember.

So author Jerry Craft created this sketchbook for kids like Jordan who want to draw. There's lots of room for practicing all kinds of drawing styles, manga, cartoons, comic strips, sketching, and doodling, plus some tips on how to get better at it.

Because drawing panels and speech bubbles by hand can get wobbly, there's a ruler you can tear off in the front to make straight lines, and some speech bubble stencils on a panel in the back that you can tear off and trace onto your cartoons.

One thing Jordan knows is: the more you draw, the better you'll get. So pick up your pencil, start drawing, and remember to have fun.