Pets go Pop!

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Pets go Pop!
Bob Staake

Speedy Pet
Tall Pet

Hairy Pet
Small Pet

Pets from around the planet come to three-dimensional life in this bold and innovative follow-up to TRUCKS GO POP!

Kids will love the wide range of hilarious animals that appear in unexpected scenarios, form a card-playing ape, and a jazz-loving lion, to a fearless pilot rhino-with a few more typical household pets sprinkled throughout! There's even a grand pop-up finale with all of the animals humorously brought together on their bus ride to school. The rollicking ending is bound to surprise and delight every animal and pet lover alike!

With sturdy but dramatic paper engineering and clever, vibrant illustrations by award-winning artist Bob Staake, PETS GO POP! will take kids on an unforgettable pet-popping romp!