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Satchmo's Blues (paperback)

Satchmo's Blues (paperback)
On hot summer nights in New Orleans, a boy named Louis Armstrong would peekunder the big swinging doors of Economy Hall and listen to the jazz band. Thebest night was Friday, when Bunk Johnson would blow his cornet till the rooftrembled. At moments like those, Louis could feel his toes tingle. He wanted tobe like Bunk Johnson; aim his horn straight up at the night sky and set thestars spinning.

One day Louis saw a horn in a pawnshop window--a real brass cornet. Thecardboard sign said $5. How could he ever come up with that much money? Everyday Louis did what he could to earn that five dollars, and every day hepracticed blowing his imaginary horn. It was a dream he would never give up.

The vibrant, swinging world of New Orleans jazz seems to bounce off the pagesin this tribute to an extraordinary young man. Louis Armstrong's dynamicpersonality and amazing trumpet playing would cast a spell on millions ofpeople around the world, to whom he will always be the one and only Satchmo, the Ambassador of Jazz.